Why Cardboard Boxes Are Great for the Environment and Your Business

Cardboard boxes are universal in the packaging industry. They have frequently been used in the commercial, domestic, and food packaging industries.

Cardboard is quite a tough material and is used for many reasons. Cardboard packaging comes in many shapes and sizes and is commonly used in sending parcels across the world every day. Cardboard packaging is one of the most sustainable types of packaging available.

They are cost-effective, the material is used from renewable sources and in many cases, made from a high percentage of recycled materials.

Cardboard packaging is one of the best, environmentally-friendly solutions available. Cardboard packing boxes are great for companies and businesses to improve their brand image whilst also lowering costs.

Advantages of cardboard packaging

With many opportunities available for businesses and companies to improve their image, reducing their waste impact and supporting more environmentally friendly practices is a great factor to start with. Utilizing the use of recycled cardboard adds further cadence to this.

Cardboard packaging is used to protect almost any type of good that you may package and holds several advantages over other packaging options:

· More cost-effective

· Biodegradable

· Smaller carbon footprint

· Strong and durable

· Re-usable

· Readily available

· Versatile

As mentioned, cardboard packaging is great for the environment and numerous companies offer bespoke cardboard packaging and corrugated cardboard boxes.

Cost-effective solution

Cardboard moving boxes and other types of storage boxes are a cost-effective packaging solution, instead of the other alternatives, like metals, wood, and glass.

Cardboard has a cheaper manufacturing cost, creating a lower cost for the consumer. It also holds lightweight features, where bespoke cardboard boxes are available in every industry to suit any need.


Bespoke cardboard boxes are 100% recyclable and biodegradable. Cardboard decomposes quickly, and in humid or wet conditions, the decomposition accelerates. When cardboard packaging is recycled, it can then be made again to create new packaging that can be used, for example, bespoke postage boxes or office supply boxes.

When companies decide to use recycled cardboard, it has an array of benefits, such as:

· Uses 75% less water to make

· 50% less energy to make

· Saves energy costs

· Contributes to the environment

Smaller carbon footprint

Cardboard packing boxes are one of the materials that help the environment massively and have no dangers or impacts on it.

As well as being biodegradable, they possess other abilities over alternative packaging methods, specifically when producing cardboard boxes. Compared to alternative options, producing cardboard packaging results in a reduction in CO2 emissions.

Nowadays, more people and businesses are becoming eco-conscious and are more aware of their carbon footprints. Switching to cardboard alternatives made from renewable sources will improve their brand image and essentially create a positive reflection on your contribution to environmentally friendly practices.

Switching to recycled materials will create a positive chain reaction that will lead to the longevity of our other natural resources. When manufacturing any type of cardboard storage box, it:

· Is less harmful to produce

· Reduces CO2 emissions

· Preserve our planet’s natural resource

Strong and durable

Despite their lightweight nature, cardboard boxes are quite strong and can support heavy loads when being transported.

Bespoke cardboard boxes are manufactured from corrugated double-walled cardboard. They have the ability to hold up to 16kg and are made to be extra thick to ensure that goods are kept safe and secure.


Recycling and reusing corrugated cardboard have a knock-on effect, reducing the energy and other resources required to produce it in the first place.

Since it is created using a high percentage of recycled materials, the energy necessary to produce corrugated packaging is reduced. Frequently made from locally available recycled materials, the transportation costs for manufacturing also remain lower as the materials are not imported from too far.

Cardboard has become one of the ‘greenest’ logistics packaging solutions available worldwide. 

Heron Nelson

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