An Insight Into Website Maintenance and Website Maintenance Packages

How Much Does Website Maintenance Cost per Month? 

Website maintenance is an important process to check and see if your website is performing well. It’s related to keeping up with security updates and experiencing high traffic growth while ensuring Google is happy with your website.

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What Are Website Maintenance Services?

Website maintenance services are necessary for engaging and retaining customers. They help to organize the various tasks such as Annual, Monthly, and Weekly tasks. A few of these tasks include:

– Renewing the website domain name. 

– Full website review to check the need for improvements. 

– Website loading speed check. Websites taking more than three seconds to load will lead to potential loss of customers. 

– Analysis of security scans to see if there are any issues that aren’t resolved. 

– Check the website for 404 errors and if you find them-fix and redirect them. 

– Regular update of core plugins and website software.

Why is Website Maintenance Important?

Regular website updates and maintenance are vital for businesses to draw and retain more customers. It involves offering useful content and maintaining top-notch search engine rankings.

Here are common web maintenance costs included in good website maintenance packages.

  1. Domain renewal costs: Domain name is based on your hosting company, which may have its own price from its own packages and fees. The average domain name cost is $10-$15 per year. 
  2. Hosting services: Monthly hosting plans range from $10 to as high as $99 for managed hosting. 
  3. Website framework updates: It is necessary to update your website regularly to allow it to perform well. You also need to schedule downtime for updates. Test the site’s functionality post updates.
  4. Debug source code and fix errors: If you can’t do it yourself, you must hire an IT consultant or a web maintenance company to do the same. There are two options
  • Pay-as-you-go maintenance costs around $120/hour 
  • Fixed pricing plan costing anywhere from $50 – $100 per hour 
  1. Content costs: Your business can offer you the best services or products on the market. However, if it doesn’t show customers relevant and updated content, other things will go down the drain. You need a team of writers to create engaging content to make your website rank better on the search engines. Freelance copywriters will only charge you per hour, per piece, or per word basis. 
  2. SEO costs: SEO helps to rank your website higher on Google. Otherwise, people won’t come to even know if your business exists. SEO experts can ensure that you have a fine-tuned site that appears on Google’s first page. SEO services will have a monthly cost for SEO ranging from $200 to $800 and have services such as 
  • Keyword research
  • Website analysis.
  • Site analytics.
  • Off-page link building.
  • And competitor analysis.

Reasons Why you Should Invest in Website Maintenance Services?

Website Protection

If your website experiences lag and latches and has security lapses, it will directly impact how customers see your brand. On visiting your site, they should feel protected. This is the only way for customers to retain respect for your brand. They should not end up thinking of you as an unreliable or unsafe online store. 

You Stay Up-to-date

The internet is constantly evolving as new functionalities, plugins, and designs come out in the market every month. Staying updated with these new releases helps your website stay relevant and healthy. If you approach a well-reputed website design service such as  Creative Design Studio, they will offer you customized packages for your website design. But, you can also go for other services which offer you the same at more reasonable packages.

Also, the majority of your customers reach your website from mobile. So, ensure that your website is mobile-first updated (for tablets and other devices) alongside functioning well on the desktop. As per experts, 72% of people will access the internet using their mobile by 2025. 

Avoid Revenue Loss

Every business requires generating revenue. But, without proper website maintenance, you are most probably losing a lot of customers who could be yours. This means that you’re losing a large amount of revenue.

If your website is down, you will lose customers. 77% of users understand that they would bounce a website when they see a 404 error. Moreover, 47% of consumers want a web page to load in 2 seconds or less! 

An updated and modern website attracts customers. You need to update your site content, security protocols, and other updates. This helps to boost your online sales. 

Focus on your core business

It is time-consuming to maintain a website. You need to carry out security scans and test your website loading speed by updating core plugins and much more. This means that you will compromise on spending time on your core business. Outsourcing website maintenance helps you save precious time which you can spend on core business.

Website Maintenance Packages

The majority of web maintenance companies offer three types of plans including: 

  1. Monthly plans. Monthly plans keep your company secure, functional and up-to-date for users. It includes services including 
  • Updates.
  • Email/webmail/mobile support.
  • Online customer support.
  • Google Analytics traffic reports. 
  1. Hourly plans. The hourly plans are perfect for businesses that don’t need routine maintenance in a monthly package. The hourly plans have the same services as monthly packages. The only difference is that one gets charged per hour. 
  2. After-hours plans. Most web maintenance companies are offering after-hours support plans in their 24/7 maintenance services. Moreover, a website needs to be monitored day and night.

Few services in various plans include: 

  • Website migration on the right platform. 
  • Hosting services. 
  • SEO updates. 
  • Plugin updates. 
  • Managing website up-time 24/7. 
  • Security and malware scans. 
  • Full mobile compliance. 
  • Content updates. 
  • System and software updates.  

Most companies have three sizes of packages including: 

  1. Small package: When your website has 20 pages or less, you need only a small package, which will be the right pick for you. It will include a one-time payment for a fully managed solution. There may also be additional charges billed annually. 
  2. Medium package: Medium packages are meant for websites having 40 pages or less. You will need to make a one-time payment to maintain website updates including plugins, SEO, content updates, and software updates. 
  3. Custom packages: A custom package for a website is helpful for a website with up to 100 pages. You can request a personal quote. 

Website Maintenance Cost per Month

In general, website maintenance may cost up to 30$ for small personal blogs and will go up to 2000$ for custom-built e-commerce websites.


Whenever you want to hire the right website design maintenance company, ensure that you find one which offers you a customized package as per your website’s needs. Learn more about the customized design requirements and the packages from us.

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