What Personalities Are Suitable For Working in The Marijuana Industry?

The cannabis industry has become a $15 billion industry in the US and is still growing at a fast pace. While there are hundreds of thousands of jobs becoming available, competition for these jobs is fierce. Employers look for certain personality traits whether you are applying for the position of a trimmer, grower, budtender, delivery person, or any other job role. 

These are a few personality traits that employers in the cannabis industry look for.

1. Patience Is Necessary to Stay Present

You need patience to navigate cannabis industry jobs. While it is important to be versatile and flexible, employees need terrible amounts of patience as well. Don’t worry if you are not naturally patient. There are several practice exercises that can help you inculcate this personality change. 

Employers need to know that you can navigate necessary change easily. You should be able to change your decision making process, thinking and actions without any outward turmoil. Employers usually select candidates they know won’t freak out when things go south.

2. Versatility is Vital

The cannabis industry is still a new industry and growing quickly. It is highly likely that you would be part of a small team and expected to carry out multiple job responsibilities. Employers want people that are versatile and can bring different talents to the table.

You will be expected to work lean and pitch in on various different fronts. This means you will be expected to do everything to make the business successful and keep customers happy. You won’t just be expected to think outside the box, but also work outside of it.

3. Cannabis Industry Jobs Require Flexibility

Before deciding to make a career in the field, you need to understand that the cannabis industry is evolving. Laws and rules tend to change often. What’s working today may not work tomorrow. The rules you worked to comply so hard with last month or week may just change next month.

Show your employers that you are flexible and have what it takes to survive in the industry. You need to highlight your capability to navigate change effortlessly. 

4. Perseverance Will Help You Grow

The cannabis industry is not going to make you rich quickly. It will take a lot of patience and perseverance to get where you want. For many entrepreneurs it takes months to generate profit and become successful. You shouldn’t be in the habit of giving up quickly when things don’t go your way.

Your employer will ask if you have the necessary perseverance and are prepared to navigate through various roadblocks. You can appease their fears by sharing past instances when you persevered at work. Make sure you highlight the things you did to solve a particular problem instead of giving up on it.

5. People and Communication Skills are Important 

Most jobs within the cannabis industry require people skills. You will need to work with and communicate with various people from different walks of life. You may even be required to deal with different levels of government. This means you need to have the right people and communication skills to get your way.

Naomi Stone

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