What Is a GSA Schedule Contract?

Every day, the U.S. Government spends millions of dollars on every kind of product and service imaginable, from office furniture to military equipment, to keep our country running. It does this through a special government procurement vehicle, the General Services Administration Schedule. 

So, what is a GSA Schedule?

General Services Administration contracts (also known as GSA Schedules) are long-term contracts awarded through GSA’s Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) Program. GSA Schedule contracts enable U.S. Government agencies to buy from trusted businesses in a streamlined manner. Each federal GSA contract contains pre-negotiated terms and conditions, which make the process more efficient for customers and vendors.

Now, we’ll define the GSA Schedule in more detail and briefly explain how you can sell your products and services to the federal government. 

What industries fall under the scope of a GSA contract?

The GSA Schedule contract definition covers 12 Large Categories of products and services:

  1. Office Management 
  2. Facilities
  3. Furniture and Furnishings
  4. Human Capital
  5. Industrial Products and Services
  6. Information Technology
  7. Miscellaneous 
  8. Professional Services
  9. Scientific Management and Solutions 
  10. Security and Protection
  11. Transport and Logistics Services
  12. Travel

Does my company need a GSA contract?

Companies are not obliged to hold a GSA Schedule to sell to the government. However, most agencies only buy via the GSA MAS Program, thanks to its streamlined procurement process and pool of high-quality, vetted vendors. Companies that win a GSA contract have a distinct advantage over their competitors.

How can my company get a GSA Schedule contract?

Now you understand what a GSA Schedule contract is, the next step is becoming an approved vendor. The eligibility criteria for the GSA Schedules Program are stringent: businesses must have been in business for at least two years and demonstrate profits and solid past performance, among other things.

If that sounds like you, we recommend working with experienced government contracting consultants who can guide you through the application process, and beyond.

Get expert advice for your GSA contract

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