What Does an Employment Law Attorney Do?

From sexual harassment to discrimination and wrongful termination, a variety of serious issues can arise in the workplace. All employers have the responsibility to treat their workers fairly and provide them with a safe workplace. But when these legal duties are violated, the services of an employment attorney for employers are critical.

These professionals can help resolve the legal issues between the employees and their workers. They work to ensure that all employees’ rights are protected. Before you look for a workers compensation attorney, it’s vital to understand what they do so you know what help you can expect from them.

They can educate employees about their rights

An employment lawyer spent many years studying to acquire a Juris Doctorate and specialize in employment law. They have knowledge and experience in matters that revolve around employer-employee relationships and the rights and obligations both parties must uphold. As such, part of an employment lawyer’s duty is to explain the rights of a client.

They can help you understand your situation and clarify if the employer violated their legal responsibility. Moreover, an employment lawyer can also provide legal advice on how you can proceed with your case. They can lay down the laws that apply to your situation, options available to you, and the pros and cons of each route.

They help employers remain compliant with various laws

Employees are not the only ones who have rights. Those who run a business and have people on their payroll can also seek the services of an employment law attorney or workers compensation attorney. These legal professionals can work with employers to help them understand their rights and obligations.

An employment lawyer keeps an eye out on all federal and state labor laws and helps companies stay updated. Moreover, they ensure that employers comply with OSHA standards, adhere to state and federal laws, and follow the current environmental regulations. They also help employers draft solid employee policies and handbooks that offer internal conflict resolutions to help keep disputes in-house.  

They help resolve legal issues between workers and their employers

Since employment lawyers are experts in state and federal laws that apply to the workplace, they know the best ways to resolve legal issues. These professionals can handle all kinds of employment-related legal issues and malpractices, including wrongful termination, workplace discrimination, sexual harassment, and contract violations.

An employment law attorney can also help you resolve issues that involve wages, benefits, and retirement plans. They can help employers and employees negotiate on their behalf and work to acquire the best deals. In cases where a whistleblower exposes the company’s misconduct and faces retaliation from their employer, an employment lawyer can invoke several whistleblower protection laws.  

They help employees file a complaint

If you’re facing discrimination, sexual harassment, lost wages, or other workplace issues and wish to pursue a private cause of action, an employment attorney can help you file a complaint. To those who have never experienced handling legal matters, this process can be daunting and confusing.

You will have to file a claim with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission or other government agencies for most employment legal issues. There are also time limits, required documents, and other factors that you need to consider. Your employment law attorney can help prepare all the necessary documents and handle all the work on your behalf.

They represent their clients at court

As much as some employers and employees wish to avoid lawsuits, the fact remains that there are cases that reach court. If you wish to combat unfair claim denials or pursue legal action in court, an employment law attorney can represent you and appear in court on your behalf.

Managing a lawsuit and appearing in court can be a scary experience, even if you’re the victim and have a valid claim. With an experienced and knowledgeable employment lawyer to represent you at court, you will have an efficient strategy to back up your claim and get the best possible result.


An employment law attorney provides employees and employers with a variety of services to help protect their rights and ensure a safe and fair workplace. Their roles and responsibilities are vital in a company’s well-being. These legal professionals help employers remain compliant with labor laws and work with victims to ensure they receive adequate compensation and that justice is delivered.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.