Vroom Vroom! Your Ultimate Guide to Selling Auto Parts Online

Did you know that studies predict the automotive aftermarket will hit $433 billion in car parts and accessories by 2021?

Or, that another study by Hedges & Co. indicates the US alone will see a $19 billion auto parts and accessories market by 2022? What’s more, the same research foresees digital sales worldwide of $162.4 billion by 2022. 

Talk about impressive numbers! If you’re interested in making money through automotive parts and accessories, we don’t blame you.

Keep reading for our ultimate guide on selling auto parts. Then, get ready to make money in this booming market. 

Where to Sell Auto Parts

If you have limited experience with how to sell auto parts online, the learning curve can feel overwhelming at first. But like everything else in life, knowledge is power when it comes to selling auto parts. So, let’s start with the basics and then move into the realm of strategy.

When it comes to how to buy and sell auto parts, you have two basic eCommerce platforms from which to choose, Amazon and eBay Motors. Upwards of 70 percent of all auto parts and accessories are sold on these two websites.

And no wonder. Amazon alone enjoys 183 million unique visitors each month. What’s more, its automotive parts sales continue to increase at an annual rate of 15 percent.

While eBay doesn’t draw nearly as many unique visitors, it still boasts 96 million each month. And when it comes to how active their buyers are, both websites do very well. 

What’s one of the things that draw consumers to these sites? Both have dedicated sections that make it easy for buyers and sellers alike to find what they need.

Here’s what to know about becoming a seller on each of these sites. 

Becoming an Auto Parts Seller on eBay

If you’ve ever sold on eBay, even in an area outside of auto parts, then you’ll be at a distinct advantage as you set up your seller page. After all, selling auto parts is similar to selling any other product on the website.

Besides being highly user-friendly, eBay Motors has a massive catalog of auto parts and accessories. As a result, eBay’s software allows you to list parts using the MPN or ePID. 

What’s so great about this? Once you’ve entered a product already listed in the eBay catalog, the following information will get automatically populated:

  • Category
  • Product title
  • Description and specifics
  • Weight and dimensions
  • Product images
  • Parts fitment data

It doesn’t get any easier than that. No wonder so many sellers choose eBay as the foundational location for their online auto parts and accessories platform.

Becoming an Auto Parts Seller on Amazon

Before you can start selling parts and accessories on Amazon, you must apply. You’ll need to meet the following requirements:

  • Must be on the professional selling plan
  • Must list all major brands with universal product codes (UPCs)
  • Must warrant all certified, refurbished “automotive & powersports” products with the manufacturer or re-manufacturer
  • Must feature compliant product images
  • Must have reviewed the “automotive & powersports” part finder and fitment data page

After you’ve met the requirements above, you’re welcome to start listing products via your Amazon seller pages. 

Gaining a Competitive Advantage

We often get asked what’s the best way to gain the hometown advantage when it comes to digital car parts and accessories sales. One of the most vital keys? Knowing which parts sell best on which platforms. 

While there’s certainly some overlap, you’ll gain a distinct advantage by knowing where to list specific types of parts.

Which Auto Parts and Accessories Sell Best on eBay?

The branch of eBay’s site dedicated to automobiles is known as eBay Motors, and it provides an excellent sales channel to sell automobile parts online with enhanced customer experience. The platform’s features make buying parts a cinch.

So, what are the most in-demand car parts? Here’s the full breakdown.

eBay Motors: Wheels and Tires

You’ll find the following items performing strongly on eBay Motors:

  • Wheels
  • Tires
  • Shocks
  • Struts lift kits
  • Leveling kits

Wheels and tires are often sold in conjunction with suspension parts on eBay, something that you’re far less likely to see on Amazon.

eBay Motors: Exterior Components

Let’s move on to exterior components that people visit eBay to purchase. These parts remain in high demand whether we’re talking upgrades or replacements, and they include:

  • Steel bumpers
  • Side mirrors
  • Replacement grilles and upgrades

If you have a steady supply of these items, particularly for the most sought-after makes and models, expect to rake in money through eBay Motors.

eBay Motors: Lighting Equipment

The last area of car parts and accessories that prove highly popular on eBay include lighting equipment. Here, you’ll see both upgrades and replacements, including:

  • Taillights
  • Headlights
  • Fog lights
  • Light bulbs

Besides these highly popular items on eBay Motors, we’d be remiss not to mention some other categories that generate millions of dollars in revenue for eBay sellers.

eBay Motors: Other Automotive Parts and Accessories

What are some other parts that you should consider listing on eBay Motors? Although the following items aren’t statistically as popular as exterior components, wheels, lighting, etc., they can still prove quite lucrative.

Consider listing the following items:

  • A/C control systems and compressors
  • Air filters
  • Alternators and generators
  • Car battery accessories (e.g., jump batteries, chargers)
  • Clutch kits 
  • Crate engines
  • Cylinder heads
  • Dash kits and upgrades (e.g., carbon fiber dress-up parts)
  • Disc brake system parts
  • EGR system components
  • Exhaust system parts(e.g., mufflers and cat-back systems)
  • Floor mats
  • Fuel pumps and fuel filters
  • Ignition system parts (e.g., coils, distributors, timing kits, spark plugs, plug wires, etc.)
  • Keys and keyless entry fobs
  • Manuals and literature
  • Performance chips and programmers
  • Radiators
  • Seat covers
  • Stickers, decals, and replacement emblems
  • Vintage car parts and accessories
  • Weatherstripping

Becoming adept at recognizing and listing the most in-demand automotive parts and accessories can prove a highly lucrative business through eBay Motors. So, how does Amazon compare when it comes to popular listings? Let’s take a closer look.

Which Auto Parts and Accessories Sell Best on Amazon?

Amazon’s auto parts sector provides product analysis and sales reports with essential information about the best items to sell. They include interior parts and accessories, exterior parts and accessories, lighting and LED products, and more.

Amazon’s Automotive Sector: Interior Parts and Accessories

Many vehicle owners visit Amazon’s automotive sector in search of upgrades for their car’s interior. These include items such as:

  • Dash kits
  • Shifter knobs
  • Floor mats
  • Window tints
  • Seat covers
  • Seatback organizers
  • Universal molding trims
  • Gel enhanced seat cushions
  • Garbage cans

These products range from items that improve the appearance and comfort of a vehicle’s interior to those that are handy and encourage better organization. Because new car sales remain on the decline, people must find other ways to make their current ride feel new. These products help.

Amazon’s Automotive Sector: Exterior Parts and Accessories

When it comes to exterior features, top-sellers on Amazon include:

  • Nerf bars
  • Chrome trim
  • Billet grille upgrades
  • Tonneau covers
  • Wind deflectors
  • Front lip/side skirt lip kits

Car owners are more interested than ever in ways to customize, improve, and upgrade their existing vehicles. Exterior parts remain an excellent way to do this.

Amazon’s Automotive Sector: Lighting and LED Products

What are some of the best-selling products on Amazon? Hands down, lighting products for cars. They include items such as:

  • LED lights for various applications (e.g., taillights, brake lights, running board lights, headlights, license plate lights, instrument cluster and gauge lights, marker lights, trunk lights)
  • Replacement headlights for upgrades (e.g., halo lights, HIDs, projectors) 

Some sellers choose to focus solely on these types of items because of the high demand they enjoy. They’re not only a lucrative but easy place to get started with car parts and accessories sales. 

Amazon’s Automotive Sector: Other Automotive Parts and Accessories

What are some other parts you might wish to consider selling? Some sellers do well with items like:

  • Air Filters
  • Battery accessories (e.g., chargers and jump batteries)
  • Car covers
  • Car rims and tires
  • Stickers (e.g., decals, replacement emblems)
  • Keys and keyless entry fobs
  • Manuals and literature
  • Performance chips and programmers
  • Shocks and struts
  • Weatherstripping

These parts perform less favorably on Amazon. But they might still be worth your consideration as they see decent sales.

Best Practices for Automotive Parts and Accessories Sales

Now that you’ve got a better idea of what sells on eBay Motors and Amazon, it’s time to explore best practices. No matter which platform you choose, you’ll need to do more than list auto parts if you want to see sales. Even if said parts are in high demand.

What are some strategies to ensure excellent sales? They include:

  • Establishing competitive pricing
  • Including high-quality product photos
  • Optimizing your product listings
  • Providing accurate and complete fitment data
  • Cultivating an excellent seller reputation
  • Understanding and employing top-notch digital sales strategies

The strategies listed above will help you dominate your market. With that in mind, let’s explore each step further.

Establishing Competitive Pricing

The number one thing you must understand as an online seller is that consumers are driven by low pricing. They’ll always hunt for a bargain, so you need to bear this in mind when it comes to your pricing. 

Even a simple dollar or two difference can be huge when it comes to pushing merch off your shelves. So, study and analyze your competitors carefully. Gain a handle on what they’re charging, and then take steps to guarantee your prices remain competitive.

Keep in mind the importance of incentives like sales and discounts, too. These come with a level of urgency that will motivate customers to act. 

Including High-Quality Product Photos

The internet is a highly visual media. As a result, you must include quality images. Not only will these help you get more customer attention, but they instill a sense of confidence and trustworthiness. 

You’ll also need to ensure that the images you post meet the requirements of product photos for eBay or Amazon. 

Optimizing Your Product Listings

Your auto parts business will only thrive if you include product headlines and descriptions that are clear, compelling, and search engine optimized. Your listing must not only attract but keep customers.

What’s the best way to optimize your headlines and descriptions? Start by identifying between three and five keywords your customers will likely search while looking for this particular part or accessory. 

Then, incorporate these keywords into your headings to make sure they rank high in internet searches. Also, consider bulleted descriptions of your products as they’ll prove easier to read and more engaging. 

Providing Accurate and Complete Fitment Data

Digital customers expect seamless shopping experiences. They want all of the information they need about each product provided in one easy-to-access location. 

In other words, they won’t have any patience for sellers who neglect to include important information such as make/model/year. They’ll abandon their shopping carts if you give them any reason. Instead, always provide accurate and precise fitment data. 

Cultivating an Excellent Seller Reputation

Another facet of the online shopping experience is how easily customers can access seller ratings and information. Your reputation as a seller is everything. 

One of the best ways to keep a tip-top reputation while gaining visibility? Manage your inventory closely and always answer customer questions within 24 hours. Make sure that shipments are both prompt and appropriately packaged. 

As you look at ways to cultivate an excellent seller reputation, here’s what you need to know about warehouse logistics to quickly fulfill customer orders. 

Understanding and Employing Top-Notch Digital Sales Strategies

Use platforms such as social media and optimized landing pages to your advantage. Go the extra mile to ensure customers write reviews and testimonials about your services. 

Rely on Google Adwords to strategically bring more traffic to your site. Usee Google Adwords to target customers through keywords, location, and devices. Do this to guarantee you attract your ideal demographic. 

Selling Auto Parts

If you follow the tips in our ultimate selling auto parts guide, you’ll be well prepared to start earning big, whether you choose to focus on eBay, Amazon, or both. 

Are you looking for more small business tips to help you bring in revenue or reduce expenses? Check out our blog for all the small business tips you need to succeed.

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