Virtual Team Building Events for Remote Workers

Over the last year, with most people working from home, it has been hard to find that sense of “team spirit” in the workplace. As it will probably be a long while before “normal” office work can resume, it is time to start thinking about virtual team building as a way to raise morale for remote workers. But is it possible to run a team building event remotely? Can that type of event even work? Let’s take a look at the basics of virtual team building events for remote workers and see what sorts of events might suit your company’s needs the best.

What are Virtual Team Building Events?

Virtual team building events are online events for a group of people involving fun, teamwork, and virtual communication. They can be very effective for fostering friendly competition, team spirit, and better communication between coworkers. There are many different types of events available for remote workers, and different events will suit different companies and teams, meaning that no matter what your company culture is like, it should be easy to find a virtual team building activity that can help to boost your team’s morale in this difficult time.

Why does Team Building Matter for Remote Workers?

Remote working can be exhausting and isolating, so that sense of team spirit and community is even more important for remote workers than for in-person office teams. That means that it is important for employers to do whatever they can to foster a friendly, communicative team culture for remote workers to prevent isolation and disconnection. Keeping your workforce happy and motivated is more important than ever before, and a responsible employer will put a high level of work into maintaining the best team morale possible!

Can you Build Team Morale Remotely?

Virtual team building might sound like a poor substitute for real, in-person team building activities, but remote team building activities can actually be just as effective and just as much fun as team building activities that take place in person. Taking part in a virtual team building activity can help your remote working team to foster the same sense of connection they would get from working in the same office together, and the fun and morale-boosting elements can help to make a massive difference to your team’s performance and productivity!

Can Team Building Events for Remote Workers be Fun?

Everyone’s sick of Zoom meetings at this point, so can an organised team building event really be fun? Well, yes, it really can! A well-organized virtual team building event such as an escape room or a cooking class can be a huge amount of fun, all while bringing the teamwork and communication that your team can benefit from. Team building can be great fun if done properly, and many online team building courses are actually a lot more fun than their in-person equivalents, as the setup of a virtual event is already close to the sorts of dynamics that your remote workers will be used to at this point! You will find everyone relaxing and sinking into the fun of the event very quickly, allowing for a bit of an escape from reality and a fun adventure from the safety of their own home.

What Sorts of Events are Best for Virtual Team Building?

There are many different types of virtual team building events available, giving you a huge range to choose from. Every team of workers is different, though, so there is no single absolute “best” activity. Some teams work best with tense, communication-based activities like virtual escape rooms, while others work better with a more relaxed event such as a virtual cooking class. Think about the people involved in your team, and work with the virtual events company of your choice to pick the right type of events for your team’s personal needs! Remember, your team of remote workers is made up of individual people with distinct personalities, so an event that works for one team may not work so well for another!


Virtual team building is an essential consideration at the moment, as so much of the workforce is forced to work remotely. This type of virtual team building event can make a huge difference to team morale, so if your team is starting to flag a bit and starting to feel isolated, then this might just be the perfect solution. With the help of a well-designed virtual team building experience, your team will be energised, excited, and motivated once more!

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.