Using Helical Piers For New Construction

Helical piles made by PierTech come under the category of foundation solutions that serve the purpose of protecting any new or already existing foundation. These piers are also called anchors, piles, or screw piles commonly. As they have a highly reliable design and can be installed with great ease, they are mostly installed where there are unstable soil conditions to prevent any hazard once a foundation is built. One does not need to excavate a large part of the land to install them rather they can be simply threaded into the ground for ease. This will help to decrease the installation time, which does not require much work to be done with the soil and the most important part is that it shift the weight of the structure to be built on the soil where the load is to be borne.

The utility of the piers

These piers and piles can be used in various residential and commercial purposes and can also be used where there are large water chambers required to be made or whatever kind of piles are needed in that situation. The normal foundation under any structure, when exposed to moisture, can become quite unstable and prone to damage any disaster if not treated timely. These piers will repair any such foundation belonging to any structure is that it does not lose any value and are able to become stable again and so that the overall safety is ensured. These piers also have other numerous functions like that can repair the foundation where there is an apparent foundation failure. Some of these failures can be noted:

  • Experiencing difficulty in open windows and doors in a structure
  • Formation of large gaps in window frames and door frames
  • The walls inside of a building start to crack and crumble
  • Numerous nail marks start to show in ceilings and walls
  • The natural position of walls changes as they start to lean
  • Floors take up an uneven appearance and start to sink in
  • The chimneys of a structure start to tilt or lean
  • Visible cracks in the walls of the basement or the foundation of a building

Areas of use

Residential uses: these piers can be used by the owners of any house to prevent uneven and damaged foundation in the long run. If an individual start to notice the appearance of cracked and broken foundation in their house or if they start t notice that their walls are getting dry then these signs are to be noted because this means that the foundation of the house is damaged and needs a permanent solution to regain the foundation stability of the house and this where these piers come in to serve their purpose.

Commercial uses: the house builders or contractors can make use of these piers whenever they are initiating a project so that they can build structures that are more reliable, durable, and safe for use and can have a long life than any other structure where the piles are not used. If the contractors want to use a solution where they want to avoid excavation, then these piles are the best way to go about it.

Industrial uses: whenever a manager decides to install a plant, they want instant results and want something that is reliable and durable so their industrial processes are not hindered and also so that they do not have to spend frequently and largely on the frequent repair and maintenance cost. Moreover, these piers are also preferred in this field because they are installed instant and there is minimum work gone into it which does not affect the other daily operations going on side by side.

Best piers in the market

These piers are highly reliable and durable and that is what makes it the best in the industry it is operating it. Due to the high-quality metal that is used in its structure, these piers are the more preferred pier to opt for out of all the other ones in the market. It has a stronger structure than any other piers available in the market and is best known for its strength and the stability it provides.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.