Trends in GPS Vehicle Tracking to Look for in 2022

GPS tracking devices have positively disrupted the state of the transportation and logistics industry worldwide. Their importance and use are increasing not only for commercial applications but also for personal use. GPS trackers remain increasingly in demand these days. Moreover, they are compatible with all kinds of vehicle and fleet needs. The reason behind this sudden increase is the growth in the number of smartphone users, which has made GPS vehicle tracking more accessible and handy.

Further, the rising adoption of GPS tracking devices is also because of the mandates and compliance requirements set up in various countries for ensuring to run only safe, secure, and compliant vehicles on the road. GPS tracking solutions, thus, not only cover the personal and business needs of any vehicle owner, but they can also have a monumental impact in reducing the carbon emissions of the vehicle. Trends to look for in the industry of GPS tracking:

1. The Increasing Importance of Video Telematics Solutions:

The importance of video telematics solutions has exceptionally increased in recent years. The video telematics solutions bring a range of possibilities that a conventional vehicle tracking system can not offer. They provide eyewitness accounts of incidents and make it possible for vehicle owners and managers to access video footage records of the movement of any vehicle. Combined with this, the intelligence solutions offered by the video telematics devices help the vehicle drivers to uncover their true potential by working on the hiccups which hinder the performance of any vehicle and driver.

2. Increasing Dependence on Geofencing Solutions:

GPS Vehicle Tracking


The trend of geofencing solutions has gathered interest not only in the transportation market but from the players in the healthcare, construction, retail, and other industries. The greatest advantage of making use of the geofencing solutions is that they provide instant alerts on any activity and movement of the deputed vehicle on the ground within the geofenced location. The geofencing solutions work best with GPS tracking devices.

GPS vehicle trackers offer smart fleet management solutions to the users, which can be accessed by the user through the web or through their smartphones. This way, a user can create their geofencing alerts and stay up to date about the movement of their vehicles. 

3. The Rising Importance of Alerts: 

GPS Vehicle Tracking


The importance of alerts and reminders in bringing convenience to the life of vehicle owners and managers is rising with an increasing need for effective time management. GPS tracking solutions make it possible for vehicle owners to get instant updates and alerts on any vehicle-related incident. Thus the installation of the vehicle tracking system in a vehicle helps in ensuring that the owner gets regular updates on the risk of collisions, unusual patterns of vehicle idling, ineffective methods of fuel consumption, increasing or decreasing levels of vehicle temperature, deteriorating condition of vehicle tyres, and others.