Trending News in Tech: Apple, Facebook, Samsung and More

It’s been an important couple of days for the tech world. From the release of Samsung’s new smartphone to Facebook’s plans to win back users, you may have missed a story or two along the way.

Here’s all of the trending news you may have missed.

Apple Releases iOS 12.2 Beta

Are you thinking about developing for iOS anytime soon? If so, you could land yourself a sneak peek of what Apple’s latest firmware update will bring.

The biggest inclusion in the new beta is the addition of AirPlay 2 support for the company’s newly announced line of speakers.

Other things to look out for include a few new emojis, a reworked television remote, and general stability improvements.

Unfortunately, the iOS 12.2 beta is only available to developers at this time. Anyone wanting to get their hands on the latest update will likely have to wait a few weeks.

Samsung Releases The S10

Perhaps the biggest story of the last week is the release of Samsung’s new S10 line of Samsung phones. The S10 and S10+ both released after weeks of speculation and leaks.

The brand new line of phones brings some exciting new additions to the Galaxy line, including multiple rear cameras and up to 1TB of expandable storage.

Early reviews seem to be positive, noting the camera’s impressive camera quality and strong battery life.

Niantic’s Details Harry Potter Themed Follow-Up to Pokémon GO

It’s hard to believe that it’s almost been three years since Niantic’s smash hit, Pokémon GO, got millions of users to hunt pokémon in the real world.

Not one to rest on their laurels, Niantic has been hard at work on its long-rumored follow-up which takes place in the Harry Potter universe. But up until now, details have been scarce.

From what we can tell, the project, titled Wizards Unite, will share a lot in common with its counterpart. For instance, both games look to include strong social features including minor PVP elements.

With that said, Wizards Unite’s gameplay looks to be a lot deeper than Pokémon GO’s and features voice acting and a full narrative arc.

Disney’s New Streaming Service Kills The Disney Vault

Bad news for fans of physical media: Disney’s recently announced streaming service, Disney+, will likely mean the end of the beloved Disney Vault.

This news comes with a silver lining, however.

While Disney hasn’t clarified its plans to re-release legacy material, Disney+ will include the complete movie library.

Facebook Outlines Privacy Plans

It’s been a rough few years for Facebook. The social media juggernaut angered users with numerous data breaches and security flaws leading many to leave the site.

Fortunately, they’re looking for ways to improve customer satisfaction, beginning by addressing users’ biggest concerns.

Expect Facebook to push for heightened security measures like encryption, data storage, and new it infrastructure in the coming months.

All The Trending News You Need to Know

As you can see, it’s been a fantastic week for tech lovers across the globe. We’re particularly interested in seeing the public’s perception of Facebook’s new security initiative.

As always, a new week comes with new stories. To keep up with the latest trending news, be sure to keep checking back with our blog.

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