Top languages for Enterprise App Development

The technological industry is invariably evolving and every app development organization deals with the tricky dilemma of what development instruments and programming languages are more advantageous for the business. Since the overall number of programming languages existing today reaches an unthinkable 700, it is not surprising that business owners might become completely lost. For one thing, there is an understandable craving to standardize, but for another thing, many organizations allow experts to use whichever language they feel better for the job. There is no single answer to the question of whether one language is most fitting for an app development business or you promote the idea of multi-lingual programming, entrepreneurs should make the right choice on programming languages and tools. This article will be helpful for app development companies that pick the most sufficient and handy languages for their business prosperity. Here we will discuss 10 top programming languages for enterprise app development.


According to Stack Overflow’s annual Developer Survey, about 70% of experts balloted for JavaScript. JavaScrip (JS) is a programming language with brace characters syntax and first-class functions. The fact that JS is handled from the client’s browser significantly speeds up the process of program completion. Also, JavaScript is an easy language to cover because of its dynamic and comprehensible syntax. However, being operated on the client’s computer, code might be used for ill-intentioned targets or data might be stolen. JS is used to construct platforms that are able to engage visitors and ensure they will revisit. Twitter Lite Web App, Uber, Trello, LinkedIn, Netflix, PayPal mobile Apps and APIs – all of them are built with the help of JS. JavaScript is mainly used for web and mobile application creation, game development, web servers, websites and web application building, smartwatch apps creation and flying robots programming.


In 1995 Sun Microsystems released Java – a simple, secure and dynamic programming language utilized to run a broad-spectrum of apps, such as audio/video apps, social media apps and games. Unlike C or C++, Java has smooth and straightforward syntax. The fact that Java avoids using explicit pointers helps diminish security breaks. Moreover, Java has a Security manager that supports each app. At the same time, an extra level of compilation and significant memory-consuming leads to the slow and poor performance of Java. Furthermore, Java’s code can be very long and complex, which makes it hard to read and comprehend. A geographic software NASA World Wind was developed in Java, as well as Telegram Android, Bitcoin Wallet Android, music platform Spotify, Amazon, and Minecraft. In the majority of cases, Java can be used to build big business class apps. At the same time, Java is literary everywhere, from gaming to e-commerce. Java is used for Android web development, game development, web/PC applications creation and Internet of Things powering.


Stack Overflow’s annual Developer Survey experts distinguished Python as one of the most desired languages for the third year in a row, which means that developers are eager to learn it. Python is an easy-debagging language with dynamic syntax. Python’s syntax mainly looks like a simple text file that is easy to read and understand. Moreover, Python is able to integrate with many other languages. However, Python has slow speed because it is an interpreted language and if we set it against the compiled languages its velocity appears an issue. In addition to this, once programmers get used to Python, they find it hard to learn other languages with a more complex syntax, such as Java. Considering Python’s benefits it’s clear why giant and small business companies prefer Python to build their software products. Python was used to develop Instagram and the beauty industry platform SHOPTHAT. YouTube uses Python almost entirely. Python is a universal programming language that can be used for an extensive scope of assignments including big data processing, web/app development, Internet of Things, game development and Machine Learning. 


C# is an adaptable, object-oriented programming language engineered in 2001 by Microsoft. This language was developed for organizations to build different kinds of software products using identical and common programming languages. Engineered by Microsoft C# easily integrates with Windows. Additionally, C# is one of the most popular languages developers learn and its syntax is similar to Java’s. It means that finding an expert to work with C# is not an issue. Furthermore as a compiled language C# code is not stored on a user’s or any other public server. Therefore, hackers cannot reach the source code when hacking the server. But C# has complex syntax. For example: the use of semicolons at the end of each line is not used in many other languages. C# was used to construct Microsoft Visual Studio, Point. Net, password manager KeePass and Flash Develop. C# suites for web applications development, Windows apps building, website making, game development and mobile apps creation. 


Created in 1987 for processing reports, Practical Extraction and Reporting Language (Perl) has since developed into a cross-platform, interpreted and extremely powerful programming language. Actually, when we say “Perl” we mean Perl 5, when Perl 6 was renamed to Raku in 2019. Perl has a heavy foundation for functional languages and supports traditional concepts by using braces. Perl is able to deal with writing. Moreover, experts can operate files in the format of texts easily. Perl is not good at debugging. Once bugs crop up, it is very difficult to detect them and even more difficult to fix them. The world’s most well-known movie databank IMDB uses Perl, as well as Amazon, and BBC. Mostly Perl is used for system administration, web programming, computer-generated imagery (CGI) building, graphical user interface building (GUI) creation, networking, bioinformatics and tasks automation. 


Initially read as Personal Home Page, PHP stands for Hypertext Preprocessor now. PHP is a scripting language. Scripting language is contrasting programming language by such features: it doesn’t have to be composed before execution, it is mostly utilized to fulfil some cycle tasks, and, as a rule, it’s embedded to other codes. PHP is chargeless and open for everyone. Users do not need to download or install anything to get the code. Any operating system can be used to operate PHP and it easily works with the HTML code. Despite all benefits, PHP has low popularity (only 26% of experts prefer working with PHP) and poor libraries. Even though PHP is not as popular as Python and JavaScript, it is broadly used for web development. The most famous PHP projects are Facebook, Wikipedia, Flickr, Yahoo and WordPress. Basically, PHP is used to write static and dynamic websites and web applications.


Bjarne Stroustrup created C++ as amplification for C#. C++ is referred to as an intermediate-level language as it has features of both-level languages. C++ is utilized to build applications that can be executed at any platform. Additionally, C++ has similar syntax to C# and Java, as such developers can easily cover these languages once they learn C++. The drawbacks of C++ are that because of pointers and friend function, C++ might have security issues and С++ has rather large and difficult to comprehend syntax. C++ was used to create GUI based Adobe systems, database operation software product MySQL, Mozilla Firefox browser, Google File system and Google Chrome. As you can see C++ is an universal language that is used to build a wide range of products.


In 2014 Apple Inc. together with the open-source community released Swift as a replacement to Objective-C. Swift was specially designed for iOS development but not only. Also it can be utilized to build servers, web apps and any other software because Swift is a compiled,  universal, focused on objects programming language. Swift has a very extensive community. According to Apple Inc., Swift is 8.4x quicker than Python and has rather simple syntax. Even though Swift’s popularity grows, only 6,6% of experts prefer working with it. Swift was used to building Facebook, Slack, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, CNN, Asana, SlideShare and many other applications. Although Swift was meant for iOS development, it is a very versatile language that can be adapted to fulfill a big scope of challenge from “Hello, world!” to operation services creation. 


As was mentioned above Objective-C was created by Apple Inc. before Swift in 1980. Objective-C is a general-purpose, mature, object-oriented programming language with dynamic typing. When you learn Objective-C, you simultaneously learn C and SmallTalk, the first object-oriented language. Once developers cover SmallTalk style syntax, they can learn C++ and/or Java easily. However, the learning process is hard and long and only 4.8 % of experts prefer working with Objective-C. Moreover, 68.7 % are scared to learn it and write in it. Thousands or even hundreds of thousands of experts write software products in Objective-C and this situation will not change. Additionally, let’s not forget that in 1988 Objective-C was used to develop very important tools that became a base for the Cocoa environment. Cocoa is utilized by such Apple systems as Apple watchOS, Mac OSX and iOS.


The youngest of all listed languages here is Kotlin. Officially released in 2016 by JetBrains, Kotlin already takes 4th position among all loved languages on Stack Overflow leaving behind such programming mastodons like JavaScript, Java, PHP and Swift. What made Kotlin so desirable for experts? Kotlin is Java friendly. Both of these languages are mutually replaceable. Kotlin is shorter and clearer. It has a simple and compact syntax that makes it easier to write and comprehend and easier debugged. At the same time, the learning curve does exist. Kotlin is similar to Java, but not Java, and it has to be learned, and there is a lack of Kotlin experts. The most popular companies that utilize Kotlin for their apps are Google, Pinterest, Trello, American payment company Square, Slack, Blockchain business platform Corda, Tinder, German neobank N26 and even Indian restaurant Zemato for food delivery. Kotlin is a general-purpose language that is used for web modeling, mobile development, desktop app writing and many other tasks. 

Final thoughts

The world of IT keeps evolving at the speed of light and year after year presents new trends in programming languages and developing tools. However, writing off some mature languages will be too soon. Before making a decision about what programming language(s), frameworks and tools are better for your business, organizations should go with the project and its purposes. Additionally, do not forget to consult specialists in this field who will definitely give the right advice.

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