Top 3 Ways To Buy And Sell Apple Devices

If you’re interested in buying or even selling your phone or MacBook Apple device, you probably want to get the best deal. While these products in used condition are still cost more than the average computer or smartphone, that works in your favor. These devices still retain their value when it comes time for you to sell yours. However, not everyone knows about the top used marketplaces for these products.

Buying or Selling Your Phone or MacBook

An easy way to get a fair price for your device is through the Apple trade-in program, though that method will only get you a gift card. The following are the best ways to get the most cash for your smartphone, tablet, or notebook.


There are two ways you can use this platform. One method is asking your friends and family, and the other is with the official marketplace. If you can buy and sell used items with your private social network, that’s the safest option. However, the availability of items and opportunities depends on the network itself. If that’s not available, Facebook Marketplace is a decent local buying and selling channel.

Think of this marketplace as a big step up from Craigslist. Not only are listings on this platform free, but it’s also much safer. Since accounts here use personal information for profiles, anonymity isn’t present in transactions. If something goes wrong, you can easily report a negative experience. You can check any interested buyer’s profile and decide to close a deal. Also, you can control where your listing is and who can see it.


This platform has been around almost as long as internet commerce itself. Some people make money buying and selling through this website with a business or as a self-employed individual. That’s quite the potential for someone just starting with e-commerce. It’s a great platform to buy and sell your various Apple devices, even for casual users.

Since most people these days have a decent smartphone camera, taking pictures is easy enough. Additional work includes creating your listing along with an eye-catching title and description. Make sure the product is well-packed to receive a positive review when selling. When buying, choose a seller with positive ratings. You have buyer protection in case anything goes wrong.


This platform is very similar to the previous one, though it specializes in mobile consumer technology sales. The sellers actually don’t pay any fees, and the buyers occasionally pay small fees. There’s less competition on this platform, which lessens the chance of a bidding war. While sales aren’t actual bids, buyers compete by negotiating the price in the comments.

While this channel requires waiting for the sale, you’ll get the best price. On the other hand, buyers on this channel pay more to guarantee they’ll get a working device from an accurate listing.

In Conclusion

Buying or selling your phone or MacBook Apple product is an easy way to save or receive money on such a premium brand. Many fans of the brand consider the high price as an entry fee into the ecosystem. The value retention these devices have helps pay for your next upgrade, whether that’s a smartphone, tablet, or notebook. Consider the platform that suits you well so you can make the best financial decision.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.