Today’s Software Connects Your Business With the Right People Sooner

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When the right team is assembled, there’s nothing they can’t do. Camaraderie can take a group far, especially when team members have competencies that fit their job. 

HR departments rely on their gut and more to assess resumes, but today’s software puts the power of automation at their fingertips. Core HR processes from writing job descriptions, interviewing, and employee engagement will be streamlined and executed more effectively. Let’s take a closer look at how it works.

Job Descriptions

Crafting the perfect job description is about a lot more than getting the tone right. It’s essential to boil down the core competencies the job will require, so the company attracts the most suitable candidates.

Writing a job description can be challenging for small start-ups, where employees take on various responsibilities outside their title’s purview. At the same time, the larger the company, the more HR may struggle to understand the specific requirements of niche roles and positions.

Modern job description software has a database of over 1,200 competency-based job descriptions HR personnel can use or build descriptions quickly using powerful AI. Distill job descriptions to their essence sooner, and don’t waste time finding the right job candidate.

Know What to Ask

It’s crucial in job interviews to follow up on the competencies that made that candidate so attractive. That’s why the best job description software comes with over 1,500 competency-based interview questions.

Keeping consistency throughout the hiring process interlocks every stage of candidate vetting. Managers and HR personnel can use the questions provided by the software or adapt them however they see fit.

If a person seems to line up with well core competencies from the job description, that’s a great first sign. But you need to see how they respond to live questioning. Plus, using software and automation helps organizations make unbiased hiring decisions and avoid accidentally perpetuating workplace discrimination.

Continued Engagement and Career Mapping

The competencies in job description software remain a vital part of the organization long after each employee is hired! Indeed, they form a career pathing process and basis of ongoing evaluation, which is fair to all sides.

It only makes sense to hold employees accountable in their work for the skills and competencies which got them the job. The competencies from the software go from bringing employees into the door to being the foundation for career mapping and engagement. 

Managers will have concrete targets employees must achieve for them to move up in the organization, which keeps employees engaged and connected to their work. Rather than the traditional hierarchical career ladder, which moves up or down, using competencies as the basis for career mapping allows employees a wider berth for logical career moves that may be lateral across departments. 

Organizations can plan for the present and the future, while employees will remain busy with work that keeps them engaged and challenged as their career advances.

Hiring the wrong person can cost a small company invaluable money, time, energy while impairing their operational success. Get the right people in the door sooner by using modern job description software.

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