Tighten Up Your Digital Marketing Efforts During The Pandemic

Digital marketing is the most efficient way to reach the masses, and the recent worldwide battle with COVID-19 has made it even more crucial to a successful business operation.  You may already have some quality content online, but there’s always room for improvement.

Take this time of crisis as a time for your business to learn more ways to thrive in the digital world.  Check out this brief look at a few ways in which you can work to tighten up your digital marketing efforts during the pandemic.

Get specific with your SEO

Now is the time to make certain your search engine optimization tactics are on point and up to date.  SEO is an ever-changing art of digital marketing that should be a foundational part of your marketing efforts.

Make sure you’re designing digital content that aligns with the latest updates in Google’s search algorithms, so you’re still producing efficient pages.  Produce new and relevant content for those who are stuck at home to discover.

Use your blog to update consumers

Your business blog has become an even more important part of your digital marketing efforts now that millions are stuck at home without work.

Post information on how your business has changed due to the coronavirus.  Give consumers something to read and explore by posting up-to-date info regarding your business during this troubled time.

Always create for mobile users

Mobile users are the dominant force online.  Now that everyone is online, it’s even more important that your digital content is built to cater to a range of digital devices.

Brush up on what it truly means to be mobile-friendly, and learn how to instill mobile responsive design into your organization’s standards for web content.

Make your mark on social media

If your business doesn’t already have an extensive presence on social media, now is the time to start building.  Social media is a great marketing platform for businesses of all shapes, sizes, and purposes.

Set up a profile for your business on two or three different social media channels, and run your social media pages like you run your business website.  Regular updates and informative posts will help keep your pages interesting to browsing users.

Make sure loading isn’t an issue

Loading speeds should be up to par, so your digital audience can actually get to your pages.  With all of the extra traffic online today, it’s wise to lighten to load for web users.

No one wants to sit in front of a blank loading screen for what feels like forever when there’s so much more to the internet.  It’s easy to move on to the next search result when the page you really want won’t load right.

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