Thrift Storage: 5 Storage Types for Entrepreneurs

One of the many challenges in business operations is the storage, either a storage area for bulk products or storage bins for small-size products. Thus, your business needs to do regular capacity planning to determine your storage requirement for your store’s inventory. For a proper storage solution, you need a budget for it. Storage can sometimes be tricky; you need to optimize cost at minimum space units.

Each specific business industry has its own specific need for storage. For example, if you are into veterinary supplies, you have to get storage that’s suitable for medicine and other perishables. If your business is more into hardware and construction, you need a storage that’s strong enough to hold such materials.

Whatever your storage requirement is, always consider the safety, security, and storage cost. Sometimes, storage costs can get neglected in most business operations. So it is always important to consider the costs and know the types of storages your business should utilize. Check out the list below to know more about different types of storage.

Pallet Cages

Most of the designs of this storage are like open cages. These are made in different dimensions with varying mesh sizes. Pallet cages are best for storing or placing products that need stability. A perfect application for pallet cages can be small tanks. 

Pallet cages can be stacked up or depending on the load recommended. Since these cages are stackable, it can occupy a small space in your storage facility. To source this type of storage, you can get them from your local suppliers or you can visit Krosstech Storage and Handling Solutions. Getting storage solutions from reputable companies is an investment as it helps secure your products necessary for your business.

Medical Storage

Medical supplies, medical equipment, medicine, and other healthcare products need to be stored safely. Some even need to be sterile during transfers. These containers must protect the products from potential hazards like contamination, damages, or loss. Improper containment and transferring can affect the quality of these supplies which can result in less efficacy and usage.

You have several types of medical storage, depending on the items you store. There are bulk storage racks for items such as large bottles, medical supplies, or even medical equipment. There are also storage options with temperature options for cold storage. These storage solutions are useful for vaccines and other things that need the proper temperatures. 

Small Parts Storage

Small parts storage is commonly applicable for industrial inventories. These industries include engineering, automotive, construction, and other manufacturing industries. There are a large number of supplies for these industries with different specifications to carry inventory.

Depending on the sizes of your materials to store, you can choose from the following storage units: for store displays, you can use the storage stack ‘n hang bins, hanger rack systems, and stack racks. For storeroom use, you can use drawer cabinets or parts cabinets. Lastly, for personal storage, you can use drawer organizers or the rola case systems. 

For those who are always on the go, you can put in your car the carry cases or the accessory boxes that you can put in your tools, car accessories, personal stuff, and other necessities that you most likely need on travels. 

Warehouse Safety Cabinet

This type of cabinet is among the most critical storage that you should have in your workplace. This safety cabinet is where you store your products classified under hazardous categories, like flammable supplies, corrosive materials, toxic materials, or any materials that cause adverse effects to the handler and the general public.

Because of its secure lock system, warehouse safety cabinets securely store your materials to protect them from pilferage or other untoward accidents that may happen. Only those authorized individuals can open and be accountable for the safekeeping of the stored products. 

Plastic Containers

Plastic containers are multipurpose storage containers made from high-quality plastics that can withstand your product’s load and storage requirements. You have many choices for this storage type like bins, buckets, drums, and other specialized items. Some items of this type have covers while other containers simply have openings. 

What’s best about some of these plastic containers is that it’s stackable and thus saves space. You can easily stack plastic drums on top of one another. Just make sure that you stabilize these containers and follow the maximum allowable stacks for such containers. 

These containers are also quite affordable, and most businesses who use these containers buy it in bulk. Also, you can choose colors according to your color coding requirement for your business.


Storage and storage spaces are equally crucial for entrepreneurs doing business with physical products. Selecting and identifying these storage solutions must be carefully planned and considered to protect your product, to maintain its quality. Identifying and selecting your storage must conform to your storage needs and product requirements. And above all, look into the cost efficiency of your storage to save money.

Fabrizio VanMarcino

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