Three Keys to Success

I have had the blessing of being surrounded by super successful people my whole life. I’m not a big reader. However, I love to read and watch documentaries about exceptional people like Abe Lincoln, David Goggins, Marcus Luttrel, and recently even Ruth Bader Ginsburg.Each of these people have encountered great obstacles, but they always manage to find a way to keep focused on the things that are important to them.To me, success doesn’t mean that you have to become famous and for sure success has nothing to do with being rich.

I’ve found that the happiest, “most successful” people make the most out of every day and are grateful for what they have.So in today’s article I want to discuss a few things to make the most out of your day.To be clear, I don’t have any of these things mastered, but they are things that I am working to implement in my life as I work towards success and happiness.

1: Make Your Morning Meaningful

There are not many better ways to set yourself up for success than to have a solid morning. Jordan Peterson says that something simple like “making your bed” is a great first step. I have been doing this for a few years now and there is something oddly satisfying about making my bed so perfectly that everything is tucked in tight and straight. My wife is better than I am at almost everything around the house, but I would crush her in a bed making contest.

I like to do a little reading, praying/meditating and stretching. Now that I’m getting older, the stretching really makes a big difference in how my body feels throughout the day.

2: Devote Time To Small, Goal-Based Changes

Big achievements are great, but nobody achieves great things without small daily accomplishments. Those who have actually achieved great things know that everything worthwhile comes from countless daily, small, consistent choices. Great things come from being able to achieve small improvements every day. If you are out of shape, you won’t get fit by running 100 miles tomorrow. You might even die trying. You get fit by starting small changes, like being active for 30 minutes a day, and gradually making your goals a bit more difficult until you have reached your ultimate goal.Making even small changes is not easy. But becoming successful at anything isn’t easy either. You have to learn to commit to small things that you know you can do, and then actually make the effort to do those things every day, until they become a habit.

3: Take a break every day

A lot of people think that to accomplish your goals or to achieve success you need to be single minded and totally obsessed until you get where you want. The truth is, this is impossible. Sometimes I have a hard time taking an actual break from something I’m focused on. This can become overwhelming and have terrible negative effects in your life and even on your health. There are times where I have obsessed so much over something that it caused severe anxiety. Once in 2008 it was so bad, I thought I was having a heart attack and actually went to the hospital. It turns out, I was having a panic attack. This was very humbling and still is. I always thought I was invincible. To know that if I don’t chill out and give my mind a break, even I can be brought to my knees with stress and anxiety.

Since then, I have had to learn to check out for a bit every day. For me, this is usually accomplished through some form of exercise that is so intense that my mind can only focus on the physical pain I’m in. Sometimes I wish I was better at meditation or prayer, but for now, my mind still wanders.
 So find a way to detach from your goals for a little while every day. For some it might be a yoga class. Some of you might need to go on a walk without your phone. Whatever it is, your mind needs rest too. To me, success means that I feel genuinely happy and at peace. That encompasses everything from financial success to spiritual and mental peace, and for me, my number one goal is to have a happy marriage and have a great relationship with my kids. No single aspect makes anyone successful. All the money in the world means nothing if you are a miserable person, or have poor health.Take advantage of the time you have.

Try not to waste a day. No matter how hard you try, you are going to make mistakes. You will waste time. You will do all kinds of dumb things. The key is to quickly put those things behind you and get back to work on the things that are important to you.Success is a never ending process. Your goals will change, your situations will change, but if you focus on becoming just a little bit better at something every day, you will find success. There is no single definition of success. The most important thing I can say to achieve success, is never waste time feeling sorry for yourself and constantly find reasons to feel grateful!

-Adam LegasFounder/CEO NanoHydr8

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Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.