The Why of Education: Doing Well and Doing Good

Education is not only about getting a job to fulfill your parent’s dreams. Education ranges from studying basic skills like reading, writing, calculating to learning less-tangible skills; like working in groups, developing appealing characteristics, facing everyday challenges, and developing critical thinking. 

“Education is not preparation of life, education is life itself” _ John Dewey

What is Education Nowadays?

The quality of education is worsening at a higher pace. A famous economist, Kirabo Jackson, conducted research according to which schools that are good at achieving exceptional scores on tests don’t necessarily focus on the character development of their children. Similarly, schools that excel at improving interpersonal skills often fail to raise high test scores. Only a few schools give attention to enhancing both aspects of a child’s personality.

An ideal school is one where a young child can learn to thrive in every area of growth. Schools perform a significant part in training children by taking care of their social, emotional, physical, and professional health. 

The role of teachers in the education system is much appreciated. To attain high test scores, teachers can give students some exam preparation tips. Teachers need to tell young children the actual purpose of education. They can share intriguing and motivating stories and encourage students to ask questions about education. Asking ‘why’ is the first step to explore this stunning world.

There is nothing better than helping a student build confidence in their abilities and believe that they are capable. _ Ashley Lawson

Why is Education Important?

People often underestimate the true worth of education which is a sad thing to know. Consider the following benefits of acquiring education if you want to know its importance.

  • Education provides you stability and security.
  • Education is important in building a fair world.
  • Education makes you financially secure.
  • Education makes you a responsible citizen.
  • Education can promise you a healthy future.
  • Education helps a person to pursue his ambitions.
  • Education is the best lifetime investment.
  • Education increases the economic growth of a country.
  • Education enables you to be an independent individual.
  • Education is needed to transform this world into a place worth living.

Personality Development and Education

If a student wants to succeed in his career, then he needs to develop a high character and compelling personality. According to Diana Baumrind, a prominent clinical psychologist, the character is based on many things and not one. It includes qualities like honesty, social responsibility, and integrity. It stays persistent while facing hindrances.

Following are the main advantages of education in developing an alluring personality:

  1. Education increases Knowledge

 Knowledge comes with getting an education. It is the most important thing that can help you in building an attractive personality. It grows a person intellectually and keeps him on track to achieve his goals. On the other hand, people with no knowledge stay unmotivated and look like a fool in front of a gathering. Lack of knowledge can cause many psychological problems and hinders the process of personality development. It is the thirst for acquiring knowledge that transforms ordinary people into successful humans.

  1. Learning Ethics

One has to go through many complexities until he becomes the best version of himself. The path to success will never be easy. In order to achieve something, you have to forgo another thing. For instance, if you want to get good grades, you have to forgo your peaceful nights where all you do is watch Netflix.

Education teaches humans the basic ethics of living in a society, including societal, religious, personal, and occupational ethics. These ethics will help humans to build a unique personality. Ethics educates us to choose to stay fair to all, instead of doing unfair to them just for our benefit. They teach you valuable characteristics like honesty, respectfulness, truthfulness, tolerance, perseverance, humbleness, and compassion.

You can judge what is right and what is wrong based on your ethics. Ethics create balance in your personal and professional life.  With a bunch of strong ethics, your process of decision-making becomes easy and less time-consuming. 

Ethics is knowing the difference between what you have a right to do and what is right to do. _ Potter Stewart 

  1. Education makes you self-confident

Self-confidence is mandatory when it comes to building personality. Education enables students to take part in various activities that boost their low confidence level and self-esteem. Education enhances a child’s communication skills that play a vital role in their professional life. The more educated you are, the more confident you will be.

Famous research showed that a student’s confidence is highly increased by incorporating different speaking activities in the monthly curriculum of every class.

Being confident in your skills and abilities will help you to stand firmly in front of an interview panel. Furthermore, you will never be a victim of an inferiority complex if you have faith in your talents.

“With realization of one’s own potential and self-confidence in one’s ability, one can build a better world.” – Dalai Lama
  1. Education teaches appealing behaviors 

Education makes you live a disciplined and well-mannered life. It teaches you healthy behaviors that are beneficial for your personality development. We often overlook these traits but it’s our manners and behavior that make people love or hate us. Just by learning how to behave properly, one can develop a strong personality. A disciplined personality receives praise in professional life.

Moreover, educated people know how to talk at different places, how to choose the right set of words for the right situations, and how to avoid hurting others with your rude behavior. Your one bad word or one wrong action can spoil your entire image just in minutes, the image that you worked on for many years. So, one should always be careful about what tone one is using while talking to others.

  1. Education opens doors to new opportunities

Education gives you more exposure to new experiences and opportunities that will positively enhance your personality. In modern education institutes, students get more chances to perform in different plays and meet new people. This way, they keep working on their personality development and get a chance to talk to experienced people.

It won’t be wrong to say that a person needs to learn a few things through his experience and not through education, but experiences are gained from opportunities that are brought by education. So, experiences and opportunities are directly proportional to each other. Opportunities provide you a new experience and with experience, you can attract more opportunities.

  1. Education increases your thinking ability 

Education gives a boost to your learning memory and sharpens your thinking skills. With the inclusion of this positive element, your personality becomes remarkable. Everyone loves to talk to a person who has more talents than them. Your immense memory can make people amazed by you in no time. Though some people are gifted with these skills by God, the majority find it through education.

Wrapping Up

Today, education has become a significant need to survive. It is required at every level of development. If you will ask yourself ‘why education has become so important?’ then you will receive a different answer than others. We are surrounded by education, it is everywhere, that is why it’s high time to take maximum benefit from it.

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