The Top Style Trends of 2020 at A Price You Can Afford

As 2020 continues to roll on, it is clear that this new decade is getting started with a bang. One of the biggest shifts comes from the world of fashion, where there are a few trends that are taking the world by storm. It is important for everyone to keep up with the latest fashions, including those from Salty Girlz Closet

One of the most notable shifts is in the world of leather. The Spring 2020 runways were absolutely dominated by colorful leather, which some people might be seeing or the first time. Whether it was the deep blues and violates for Seis Marjan to the beautiful, passionate green piece from Khaite. This trend is sure to continue in 2020. There is an array of styles when it comes to the world of colorful leather, both faux and real. This means that wearers are going to have plenty of leeway when it comes to both showing off their personal styles and fashions while also protecting animals. Clearly, the versatility of this trend is simply a no-brainer.

Anyone who had concerns about the puff sleeve, please know that it is here to stay. There are numerous runway shows that are embracing the idea of go big or go home and this is where the puff sleeve comes from. Whether it is a red carpet look or a simple tee that doesn’t want to appear too basic, the puff sleeve is one of the most versatile options. With the ability to take a classic silhouette and modernize it, it is obvious that the puff sleeve is a great option for any body type. By adding volume and drama to the shoulder area, this draws the eye up and also presents the illusion of a smaller waist. These are only a few of the numerous benefits of wearing a puff sleeve, simply demonstrating that this stylish option is here to stay.

Even though 2020 has given rise to a new decade, the 90s minimalism trend continues to show its influence. The 90s dominated the runways in Spring 2020 and one of the biggest developments is the classic knitwear from the 90s. Whether it was the matching twinsets from Khaite or the fitted turtlenecks with black leggings from Ioannes, it is obvious that the 90s are going to continue to make their mark during this new decade. Those who are thinking Rachel Green from Friends have hit this look right on the nose. Expect the classic knitwear to show up more often.

These are a few of the biggest style trends that are taking 2020 by storm. It will be exciting to watch these looks continue to grow and evolve. To keep up with the latest fashions, follow saltygirlz_closet on instagram.


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