The Most Useful Link Building Tools for Small Businesses

There is no doubt that you, as a small business owner, want your company to thrive. You care about establishing credibility, expanding your customer base, and increasing revenue. In fact, link-building is a powerful method for accomplishing all of these goals. Nevertheless, not every business can afford to hire a team of writers or an SEO specialist to work on content creation full-time. What are the best resources for establishing backlinks that smaller businesses can make use of?


When you use Ahrefs, a link analysis tool, you can see what keywords are being used to link to your site, uncover broken links, and learn what anchor text is being used.


When used for competitive research and to identify potential link partners, SEMRush proves to be an invaluable tool. You may check the number of backlinks and anchor text used by each rival, as well as see which sites are linked to them. With this data, you may expand your network of potential link partners or influencers who might write about your company on their own sites or social media profiles.

By using SEMRush, you can also search keywords and analyze their competitiveness.

  • Keyword difficulty: It provides insight into the competition for particular search terms. If a keyword’s difficulty score is high, many of the top 10 results will likely be highly authoritative sites with thousands of backlinks.
  • Keyword opportunity: This feature allows you to see which keywords have a high volume of searches, but are not as competitive. With this method, you can discover less competitive keywords that will bring in more visitors to your site (and links).
  • Organic traffic: This shows how many people visit each page of your website from search engines like Google every month.


As an SEO tool, Moz is top-notch. You can discover what your competitors are up to in terms of link building by checking their domain authority and backlinks. In addition, their blog is full of helpful content, including one on optimizing Google Alerts for link building.


BuzzSumo is a great way to find out who the most influential people are in any field and which articles are the most popular. In addition to helping you find fresh keywords to focus on, it can help you find subjects you can expand your writing around.

These tools can help you build links for your business.

One of the most crucial aspects of search engine optimization (SEO), links can lead to increased exposure, sales, and position in search results. Building your brand awareness through links is crucial as well.

Unlike common belief, link-building is not reserved solely for corporations with deep pockets; rather, it may be just as effective for smaller firms that are willing to put in the time and effort.

Just pay someone else to do it if you don’t feel like putting in the effort.

It takes time, effort, and concentration to construct strong links that will benefit your business in the long run, but the time and energy you put into this process will be well worth it. If you’re still undecided about whether or not this is the right move for your business, a good option is to hire a link building service to handle the process on your behalf.


The link-building tools listed above are quite useful for small businesses. They are useful for finding relevant content to publish on your site, pinpointing possible link partners, and even coming up with ideas for brand-new content that may boost your rankings in search engines. If you don’t have the manpower or materials to do it yourself, though, an experienced firm may be your best bet.

Heron Nelson

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