The lesser-known benefits of using a residential proxy

When people talk about the benefits of using a residential proxy they generally focus on anonymity. the intermediary protects you from general web traffic, so you’re able to conceal your true online identity. Every time you’re connected to the Internet, a different IP address is assigned to you. This way, you’re able to connect to different websites from all over the globe. In case you were asking yourself if there are other benefits to using a residential proxy, you’ll be happy to know that the answer is YES. There are thousands of cheap residential proxies available out there that you can use. Keep on reading to discover the lesser-known benefits which accompany the use of a residential proxy. 

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Quickly identifying local travel deals

Travel websites geo-target specific locations to enhance awareness for inaugural events or simply reach out to people who have a passion for traveling. If you’d like to view these deals, it’s virtually impossible because the site will immediately pinpoint your IP address and see that you’re not from that region. The message “This content isn’t available in your region!” will pop up on the screen. The only way to bypass geo-blocking is to use a residential proxy. Log in to the proxy server and access the travel site. You can check out the deals and start planning your next vacation. 

Checking if ads are displayed on the right websites 

You don’t have to start your own business to make some money on the side. Work a part-time gig, such as ad verification. All you have to do is to see whether the ads are displayed on the right websites, in the right area, so they can be easily seen by target audiences. If you’re in charge of an ad campaign verification, it’s recommended to use a proxy network. You can check online ads based on the geographical location of viewers. What’s more, you can identify frauds without disclosing your identity. You won’t come up on the radar, that’s for sure. 

Switching between social media accounts 

You log into each social media account to craft new posts and see what’s happening in your stream and follow up on conversations. Does this sound familiar to you? If the answer is yes, use a residential proxy because you can easily make the transition from one social networking site to the other. Even if you’re not a social media manager, using a residential proxy can turn out to be useful. Just think about it. You can manage up to 5 Instagram accounts, which isn’t that much given the fact that there are billions of active accounts on Instagram. 

The proxy market is continuously evolving, which means there are numerous options to choose from. It’s not a good idea to trust the new names on the market. Choose an established service provider who can offer you safe access to the Internet in exchange for a monthly fee. The proxy provider will offer you support at all times, so if you happen to be experiencing technical errors, you won’t be left out in the dark. Au contraire, you can conduct efficient online activity.

Chung Nguyen

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