The Hype Magazine Has a Growing Audience in the Entertainment Field

There are numerous changes that have taken place in the field of entertainment recently. Many artists have been leveraging social media to get their careers off the ground. At the same time, digital marketing hasn’t just been limited to the artist themselves. Many others in the entertainment industry have taken advantage of the power of the internet. This includes The Hype Magazine, which is led by Jameelah Wilkerson, who goes by the name of Just Jay. In a relatively short period of time, she has made a major impact on the entertainment industry through her marketing & publishing skills. Without a doubt, The Hype Magazine is one of the most popular publications in the world of entertainment today. How has she been able to get this magazine off the ground so quickly?

First, it is important to note that The Hype Magazine started as a relatively small, local entertainment publication. Just Jay always had an interest in entertainment. Back in 2002, she was still a student at Ball State University. She was considering going into entertainment as a career. This led her to the idea of starting this publication. The Hype Magazine grew quickly. Just Jay decided to target her publication to an area that few magazines were using at the time. She decided to take it to the digital world. She did everything she could to make sure that her stories were interesting but her digital marketing skills quickly took over. She was able to leverage numerous social media platforms to help her spread the news regarding her publication. This includes platforms such as FacebookTwitterInstagram. It didn’t take long for other people to notice how quickly the publication was growing.

Eventually, The Hype Magazine was also used by several artists to help them launch their careers. This only furthered the influence and the power that the magazine had. Some of the major artists to have been featured on The Hype Magazine include YFN Lucci, BoB, Machine Gun Kelly, and numerous others. As a result, some of the biggest names in the world and entertainment started to note the rapid growth of The Hype Magazine. These names decided that there was a way to get the magazine into retail stores as well.

Today, this magazine can be found on the shelf next to some of the biggest publications in the world. It is clear that the magazine is only just starting to realize its potential. Led by Just Jay, the magazine has the ability to go as far as Just Jay wants to carry it. It will be exciting to see what happens for Just Jay and The Hype Magazine in the future.


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