5 Organizational Tips For a More Productive Work Day

Whether you’re working from home, remotely, or at the office, it’s important that you are as productive as possible so you can move closer to your targets. Most people complete a range of tasks in their job, work on multiple projects and liaise with different people who may be located at the desk next to you or on the other side of the world. Managing all of this can be a daunting prospect. To remain productive and to avoid becoming overwhelmed, you need to find ways to stay organised. 

Increasing your productivity at work does not mean working more. Conversely, being productive means that you should be able to achieve more in less time. Spending too much time on unimportant tasks is something we are all guilty of and it’s all-too-easy to find distractions to steal your focus. Putting systems in place to minimize or remove these distractions is key to increasing your productivity and completing more tasks in your workday.

Let’s take a look at five organisational tips you can implement today to be more productive in your workday.  

Use The Right Tools

There is a huge choice of online business tools available nowadays that can help you to stay more organised. Cloud-based software packages can be accessed from anywhere at any time, allowing you to access the important data you need, no matter where you are. Tools such as invoicing software, an online booking system to keep track of appointments, business management applications, project management tools and many other business tools can all help you to stay more organised and increase your productivity. 

Prioritize Your Tasks

When you sit down at your desk, don’t waste time organizing what you need to do. Instead, at the end of each workday, take some time to plan the tasks that need to be completed the next day. Write down a list of tasks in order of their priority and leave it on your desk. The next morning, you will know exactly where to begin and avoid wasting time figuring out your next move. 

Take Breaks

It might sound counter-intuitive but taking regular breaks is key to improving your productivity at work. Studies have shown that after 45 minutes, our brains become less effective. If possible try to take five to ten-minute breaks every forty-five minutes to give your brain a rest, move around a little and stretch. When you get back to your desk you will feel fresh and re-energized. 

Shorten Meeting Times

Business meetings can be a huge drain on your time and have a negative impact on your productivity. A lot of the time at business meetings is spent socially, chatting with your colleagues and making small talk. To be more productive, aim to get down to business as quickly as possible. If you can reduce your daily meeting by 15 minutes each day, you will gain back 5 hours of time every month, which is more time you can spend on more important tasks.  

Create The Right Space

A cluttered workspace is a huge distraction in itself and one of the biggest inhibitors to you being productive at work. Take some time to tidy up your desk, ensure you have all the supplies you need and organise your space to that it is neat and everything is easily accessible. With a clear workspace, you will have a clear mind, allowing you to focus 100% on what you are doing. 

Get Organised And Increase Your Productivity

To accomplish more in your workday and to be as productive as possible, you need to be organised. If you do not have a plan of what you need to accomplish each day or you are working in disorganized chaos at your desk, you are already making your day more difficult. Take the time to organize your space, get the right tools and spend your time on the right tasks so that you get more done in your workday. With just a few small changes, you can be more productive and move towards your targets with confidence.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.