The Growth of the Real Estate Market in NJ

The real estate market in NJ is growing quickly and this is largely being driven by location. The Jersey Shore remains one of the most popular areas of the country for its famous beaches, laid back lifestyle, and family-friendly atmosphere. As this area of the country continues to grow, there has been a tremendous amount of growth seen in some of the towns in this area of the country. There are a few locations that everyone should note.

One of the most popular towns is called Spring Lake, NJ. Of course, Spring Lake has all of the benefits of living near the Jersey Shore, with the Spring Lake Boardwalk being one of the most popular attractions. In addition to the beach, Spring Lake is also known for St. Catharine Catholic Church, which is an architectural marvel, in addition to the Spring Lake Theatre Company, which puts on fantastic shows on a regular basis. Furthermore, people are starting to notice that Spring Lake is a rapidly growing area. Spring Lake saw a change in home value of +6.4 percent, highlighting just how popular this area of the country is becoming. With the rapid growth and investment along the Jersey Shore, expect this trend in Spring Lake to continue in the 07762.

Another popular town along the Jersey Shore is called Brielle, NJ. This is one of the most popular destinations for families who have children, as there are great attractions in the local area. Jenkinson’s Boardwalk is well-known for having rides, food, games, and more. In addition, Jenkinson’s Aquarium draws people from all over the Jersey Shore to hang out with their penguins, sharks, and seals. Finally, those who are looking for surfing will want to swing by Manasquan Beach to take a look at the opportunities. With so much to do in Brielle, it is easy to see why the real estate market in the 08730 is attractive as well.

Finally, Sea Girt, NJ is another popular town along the Jersey Shore area. Sea Girt beach is one of the most popular beaches every summer, with a gorgeous shoreline filled with an old-school feel. In addition, the Sea Girt Lighthouse draws a large number of visitors every year as well. With fantastic restaurants and a location that sits only an hour to New York City and Philadelphia, PA, it is easy to see why this town has become so popular. Furthermore, the numbers show that Sea Girt is growing quickly. Last year, the average home price went up 7.5 percent, showing that everyone is flocking to this part of the shore in the 08750.

These are a few of the most popular towns along the Jersey Shore, which is primed to grow quickly. One of the hottest real estate markets in the country, this trend is expected to continue in the coming years. These three towns along the Jersey Shore are great for young couples, families, and retirees alike.


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