The Future of Reefer Trucks and Trailers

The retail world of 2021 and forward will likely be a very different landscape than prior to 2020. Transport continuity for business owners is a critical factor of planning your current production rates, increasing your current production levels and expanding your product offerings are all directly tied to your ability to move products on your schedule.

Benefits of Owning Your Own Reefer Truck or Trailer

Indications for business growth as we move into COVID recovery and post COVID alignment indicate that having control of your regional supply chain is critical to maintaining your product movement to your vendors. If your business includes food, pharmaceuticals or any other product that requires steady temperatures in transport. Owning a reefer truck or trailer can be the difference between expanding your business or selling at a loss to avoid waste.

Making the Choice

While a reefer truck has a smaller footprint and will reduce your location concerns for loading and unloading, be aware that a reefer trailer can haul up to 48,000 pounds while a reefer truck can only carry half of that. Once you own a trailer, you may also find that other producers want to rent space in your truck.

Even better, owning your own reefer trailer makes it possible to not only get your product out, but you can also bring raw goods on your schedule. Breaking the pattern of uncertainty that has dogged many small businesses for the past year can be great for your stress level, your production levels, and your ability to think past the next delivery.

Buying Smart

If you’ve rented your own trailer in the past for security and surety of delivery, you have a wonderful idea of how useful this tool can be. The decision to buy can be daunting. You will be taking on a lot more responsibility, including insurance and maintenance. However, once you own, your options for expanding your current production output and creating new product lines will grow exponentially. Your shipments will go out on time.

However, if you can look into the future and see multiple times at which it would be good to own your own truck or trailer, then it’s time to purchase. Experts with Hale Trailers recommend “…checking several points under and around the rig before buying”.. This also includes:

  • brakes
  • wall integrity
  • insulation consistency
  • exterior body damage
  • corrosion, particularly under the trailer
  • chilling unit

When considering commercial reefer trailers for sale, it’s critical that you buy from a reputable dealer. Many dealers have their own mechanics on staff to make sure that every trailer headed out on the road is safe and structurally sound. A single-trailer business owner may not have the skills to make sure your used reefer trailer is sound and safe.

Goods and services have to get from point A to point B, and not every shipping company has the tools and people to get your products down the road. By buying your own trailer or truck, you can secure sales in the future as a dependable supplier.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.