The Future of IGTV

IGTV’s arrival proves that Instagram continues to push the envelope when it comes to content creation. IGTV signifies a change in the way people choose to consume media. Just as Netflix has revolutionized the way people watch shows and movies, IGTV promises to transform how brands, influencers, and consumers interact with one another.

IGTV and How Instagram is Changing the World

With IGTV, Instagram champions video content as a revolutionary force for brands and influencers hoping to reach consumers. IGTV acknowledges the popularity of video content across all platforms on social media. Where blogs and photos once ruled, video is now at the forefront, with IGTV leading the charge.

A study from SmallBizTrends shows that 80% of the consumer traffic on the Internet will soon be video content. IGTV gives brands the power to use every format and medium to reach their followers on Instagram. Giving users the option to upload longer videos, Instagram’s IGTV allows brands to make exclusive video content for their followers on Instagram.

What IGTV Means

Brands and influencers are starting to see the true power of IGTV as more than a platform to upload videos. The revolutionary move to target mobile phone users with the vertical video platform speaks to Instagram’s acknowledgment of the changing trends in content consumption. As traditional viewing methods continue to fall to the wayside, IGTV signifies the next wave in video viewing.

While the transformative nature of IGTV is clear to some, skeptics point out that IGTV can never compete with Youtube. However, the reality is that Instagram never intended for IGTV to be a contender with the video content giant; IGTV is in a different ballpark.

Youtube was game-changing in its formative years. Now, consumers are using their mobile phones to do anything and everything. While Youtube is still a powerhouse for influencers, musicians, and the like, it is still more or less a product of the television era. The highly produced videos on Youtube are meant to be viewed on a laptop, tablet or horizontally on a mobile phone. While the popularity of Youtube is undeniable, it may never mature to new heights of innovation.

IGTV is for Instagram Influencers

IGTV has gained initial popularity with influencers that have already built a brand on Instagram.

These instagrammers turn to IGTV to post Vlogs, podcasts, behind-the-scenes clips, and more. Where Youtube is already heavily saturated with influencers, IGTV provides a platform for Instagram users to take their influence to the next level.

Studies show that 92% of social media users trust influencers over endorsements and advertisements with celebrities. For this reason, IGTV will continue to grow in popularity as more influencers and brands start to use the platform.

IGTV proves that Instagram has their finger on the pulse of current trends and consumer behavior. The effect that brands and influencers have on Instagram users will undoubtedly translate to more people using IGTV. As influencers start monetizing the new platform, IGTV will come into its own.


Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.