The Best Video Conferencing Technology in 2019

Remote working is on the rise. In fact, it’s been rising for a number of years now, as small businesses attempt to become more flexible in their operations and help employees achieve the perfect work-life balance.

According to a survey carried out by Total Jobs last year, 59% of employees believe flexible working is the most important workplace benefit, while 28% of respondents went as far as to admit they’d change jobs if they weren’t allowed to work remotely. Now with almost 5 million people choosing to work from home in the UK, employers are having to find innovative new ways of keeping teams connected.

As you’ve probably already guessed, the answer lies in video conferencing.

Why Small Businesses Should Consider Video Conferencing

Allowing teams to connect at a time and place that best suits them, video conferencing makes it easier than ever for workers to share, communicate and collaborate on projects; enhancing working relationships through seamless face-to-face interaction and completely eradicating the need for expensive travel costs.

Saving businesses both time and money, while simultaneously increasing worker happiness and boosting productivity, there’s little wonder as to why the video conferencing market continues to flourish. In fact, it’s doing so well, you’d be forgiven for feeling a little overwhelmed by the sheer range of video meeting platforms out there to choose from.

Fortunately, we’ve put together a quick list of the best video conferencing software for small businesses in 2019.

#1 Cisco WebEx Meetings

If you’re looking for a secure video conferencing platform that’s easy to use, then WebEx Meetings ticks all the right boxes. Starting meetings has never been simpler, with the WebEx Meeting Centre allowing hosts to schedule calls, invite attendees and conduct video meetings through a seamless user interface.

But it’s collaboration that sits at the heart of WebEx, with meeting participants able to share screens with one another and annotate relevant documents. Depending on the package you go for, WebEx is capable of hosting meetings between up to 1000 participants, and the stunning HD video ensures it feels just as good as being there in person.

WebEx is a giant when it comes to video conferencing, with the cross-platform functionality and secure data encryption making it the easiest, most secure platform out there. If you still aren’t completely sure, then there’s certainly no harm in trying the free plan to see how you get on.

#2 Skype for Business

Since there are almost 5 million Skype users every single day, there’s a pretty good chance you’ve used the famous video platform at least once in your life. What you might not have realised, however, is that Skype for Business takes things to a whole new level.

Featuring a familiar interface and incredibly simple functionality, Skype’s business package takes everything we love about the original platform and then gives it all a severe upgrade. Allowing hosts to arrange meetings for up to 250 people, participants can annotate PowerPoints, record meetings, share screens and seamlessly collaborate with one another.

Integrating perfectly with the likes of Outlook, Word, Excel and seemingly every other Microsoft programme out there, Skype is a fantastic option for any businesses using the Office 365 corporate plan. But even if you don’t use those applications, Skype’s low-cost price plans make it an incredibly tempting choice for any organisation.

#3 TeamViewer

Providing users with remote desktop access and support, TeamViewer features a video conferencing platform that makes it incredibly convenient for users to transfer files and collaborate through interactive screen sharing; making team members from opposite ends of the planet feel as though they’re sat at the same computer.

Working across multiple operating systems, TeamViewer allows you to set up meetings regardless of the devices other attendees are using, placing a real emphasis on convenience and flexibility in the workplace. Coming alongside instant messaging, end-to-end encryption and meeting recording capabilities, TeamViewer offers secure VoIP calls and a truly fantastic suite of digital whiteboarding tools.

Designed to encourage collaboration and improve efficiency, TeamViewer is a particularly great option for businesses offering training programmes, technical support or regularly conducting large presentations.

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