The Best Start-Ups to Watch Out for in Q3

In the past few months, there have been a lot of new startups that have been making waves in Silicon Valley. In this blog post, we are going to highlight what some people think will be the best start-ups for Q3. Keep reading and find out which ones made our list!

Spike Email App:  This is an email client that’s different from the others. It focuses on your own network rather than connecting across different networks. The best thing about it is you can send emails to people without actually knowing their email address, by using a picture of them or just typing in their name and phone number! There are also some other cool features like being able to schedule meetings better with Google Calendar integration.

Feather: This startup provides rental furniture with “white glove delivery & assembly”. It is currently available in NYC, SF, LA, Baltimore, Richmond, and the DC Area, but we expect it to continue to expand as more people catch on to the convenience. The on-demand rental market has been exploding with cars, or pieces of equipment, but this is the first that we’ve seen from a furniture rental company that isn’t IKEA grade furniture.

Bidmii: Not yet available in the US, this Canadian startup is another one to watch out for in the coming months. Bidmii is a marketplace where homeowners create home improvement projects, and qualified contractors bid on said projects. They handle secure payments through a trust account, have an Airbnb-like rating and review system, and are soon to be releasing a financing option so that homeowners can have access to 0% financing over 12 months.

Unwrapit: This  app houses a variety of different gift-giving ideas for all occasions that are curated by real people. It’s the perfect place to go when you need one last idea or have no clue what someone would like—the app specializes in digital gifts, whether they are for employee appreciation or conference swag!

Zalando AI Fashion Assistant:  This startup is releasing a program that will use machine learning to let customers know what clothes would look good on them. For example, if you put in your body measurements and preferences for the type of outfit you’re looking for, such as work or evening wear, it’ll bring up suggestions based off how other people have shopped there before. It’s supposed to be launching later this year!

The Muse: This is a start up where people can find jobs, read articles about their career field, or even post job listings. They’ve also got a pretty cool chatbot that will help you get your resume in order.

Testlio: This company is working on a new way to test software before it goes out through their AI-powered automated testing system that will give developers an overview of how their code does across various browsers and devices. Testlio is the originator of networked testing. They have won awards for their fast service and offer a platform that enables you to provide strong customer experiences without slowing down your company.

Beeznests – This freelance/outsourcing platform is dedicated to students. If you’re looking for a job as a freelancer, student or recent grad this is the site to check out. This company’s mission is to provide convenience and opportunities for both students and companies. They do this by overcoming a geographical boundary, bridging the gap between potential employers and job seekers.

Lumaki Labs: specializing in online internships, this startup is poised to revolutionize work by providing companies with a way to access student talent, anywhere. They offer a platform that combines onboarding and recruitment tools in order to assist companies in delivering mutually-beneficial online internships.

Ruckify: This is the largest rental marketplace in the world. The team believes that networks should thrive on sharing and caring. Renting items from other members, or listing your items. The platform has three major categories: people looking to rent, small businesses who want to experiment with renting and current rental companies. And if that wasn’t enough, they also plant a tree for every person who signs up, every rental, and every review made.

Did you know there are over 10,000 startups in the U.S.? That’s a lot of new opportunities to explore! We have been following many great start up companies that are leading into this third quarter and we wanted to share some of our favorites with you. These include the Spike email app for communication, Feather for furniture rentals, Bidmii for home improvements and Zalando AI which provides assistance on fashion choices. Stay tuned because these are just a few examples of what is coming out soon from all corners of the startup world!

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.