The Beauty of Patient Hiring and Decisive Firing

Classic advice, “hire slow, fire fast” is shared as a golden rule. Many employers are intimidated by the swift unfolding of the suggested events, while others approach it nonchalantly. Either way, historical trial-and-error reveals that hiring must be a patient process, filled with reflection and careful candidate consideration, and firing must be time-conscious, to avoid loss of further productivity, as companies keep their workforce at its most efficacious.

Though the phrase appears a straightforward task, key errors committed by employers make its implementation of it ineffective. Avoid resorting to movement within the company as opposed to firing. Addorifing employees the opportunity to try roles that may better suit them can result in a greater loss of productivity. Refrain from hiring the first candidate who meets requirements, or perhaps, whose appeal is possessing skills their predecessor lacked. Leave the opportunity open to candidates who may obtain unconsidered skills that would augment their success in your job. Lastly, put stringent requirements and optimal credentials back of mind, and seek applicants with the drive and enthusiasm needed to augment their openness to learn and devotion to the job.

Employers who abide by the slow hire, fast fire process see more autonomy and a reduced need for oversight, augmented staff enthusiasm, and with a harmonious, qualified, more ardent team, they reap greater success. With America’s currently notably high unemployment tallies, choose the flow of quick let go and patient hellos by hiring slow and firing fast.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.