Mann Kong Has Used Social Media to Grow a Successful Small Business

A lot of high schoolers are busy trying to make their way through advanced classes while trying to find a date to prom. Other high schoolers are trying to become the world’s next wave of top entrepreneurs. Mann Kong falls into the latter of these groups. At the young age of 17, he is already a shining example for those who would like to build a business from the ground up. He is not immune to the challenges of high school as he was once struggling to keep up with his peers in the classroom. Now, he is a successful business owner.

He knew that despite his grades he had a lot of knowledge when it came to the internet and virtual world. He decided to get into something known as dropshipping. In this business, he connects customers with suppliers to complete transactions. Because he never physically touches the inventory or the customer’s orders, he knew this business was scalable. This meant that he could open more eCommerce dropshipping stores as his business grew. Now, he owns more than 20 dropshipping stores and his business continues to grow even to this day. Eventually, others started to take note of his success.

Other business owners started to reach out to Mann Kong, wondering if he could help them grow their businesses as well. This is where he decided to put his social media and marketing skills to use. He knew that digital marketing is the centerpiece of marketing in today’s world. He decided to leverage his skills with social media to help out other business owners. In particular, Mann Kong has a strong Instagram following and used this to help other businesses generate leads. His success in the world of digital marketing led to the launch of his second business, called Viper Digital.

Finally, Mann Kong decided to start a third business in the world of online education. His success in the world of dropshipping has been impressive and he wanted to use his success to help others follow in his footsteps. He worked hard to put together a series of videos explaining to others how they could get started in the world of dropshipping. The videos take the viewer from start to finish, explaining the ins and outs of how dropshipping works. Mann Kong knows that anyone who is willing to put in the time and effort can become successful in dropshipping. Without a doubt, he is serving as an inspiration to everyone who wants to start their own business, despite his or her age. Social media has been a driving force behind his businesses and it will be interesting to watch him grow in the future.


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