Technical Logistics – A Fast Growing Business Sector

You may have heard the term ‘white glove logistics’ and assume it is something to do with tech equipment, which is a correct assumption. The definition of white glove logistics is the transportation, final positioning, installation and configuration of technical equipment, which could also occur in reverse, when equipment is removed from the end user and sent to the manufacturer.

Here are a few of the business sectors that need white glove logistics services.

  • Banking & Finance – The latest generation of ATMs are installed by white glove teams, who are authorised to carry out such work, while they also service equipment such as note counting machines and forgery detection devices. A leading UK company, TecDis Network offer such services and are contracted by the major banks to service their ATMs, which is a huge undertaking when you consider nationwide coverage.
  • Medical & Healthcare – If you have seen an MRI scanner, then you have some idea of the complexity involved when installing such equipment. Prior to the project implementation, technicians would visit the hospital and determine exactly how the equipment will be handled and positioned ready for installation. In many cases, final mile delivery is employed; when the white glove team take delivery of the equipment a short distance from the site and they handle every aspect of the installation, including the configuration and testing, ready for use.
  • Manufacturing – Robots are replacing human workers and such complex systems are installed and managed by white glove technicians, who are approved by the manufacturer. When converting a factory, the team would make the onsite preparations before bringing in the equipment, ready for installation and configuration. Click here for reading on collaborative robots and how they are being used.
  • Vending & Gaming – This is a fast-growing sector and the white glove technicians are approved to install and manage such equipment. They would be frequent visitors to casinos (out of hours), when they install the slots and carry out any repairs. Next time you are in the city, check out the many touch screen vending machines, which will soon become the norm.
  • Information Technology – Global video conferences at government level demand a secure and stable network and the white glove technicians are competent at setting up and managing secure networks for a range of industries.
  • Asset Recovery – When a large company is ready to replace all their IT hardware, this would be the domain of the white glove logistics company. Most projects involve replacement and the old hardware is recycled responsibly and the seamless operation leaves the equipment ready for use, with local area networks created and connected. Indeed, any form of asset recovery can be carried out by the white glove logistics specialist, as they are very flexible.

As we move further down the digital development road, white glove logistics is an essential component in the installation and management of hi-tech equipment. If you are electronically minded and are looking for a challenging career, white glove logistics offers a challenge, with great rewards.