Strip Light Choices: What Is the Best?

Reasonably priced and easy to install, LED strips are sure to enhance your interior. Equipped with small low voltage lamps, this self-adhesive copper tape also has the advantage of consuming little electricity.

The Number of LEDs Per Meter

We usually find strips of 30 or 60 LEDs per meter. Beyond that, the electricity consumption becomes too high for the use of this form of lighting to be profitable. If you want a homogeneous rendering, ideally count 60 LEDs per meter. Now with the brand Lepro you can find the best choices there.

Power (in lumens)

The power of the brightness is calculated in lumens. Indeed, with a low consumption system, the wattage is no longer a good indicator. The higher the number of lumens, the greater the light output. Thus, for the lighting you will have to opt for a ribbon of 400 lumens per meter minimum, while a ribbon of less than 200 lumens per meter will be suitable for a purely decorative use or a simple markup. A Lepro LED strip can produce different colors but will not deliver the same number of lumens depending on the color displayed.

Silicone or Non-Silicone LED Strips

The LED strip may or may not be silicone:

  • The silicone tape will protect the LEDs and easy cleaning
  • The non-silicone tapes should be placed in specific sections to protect the LED and better diffuse the light

How to Choose Your LED Strip?

LED strips are generally available in 1.5m, 5m or 10m but the standard lengths do not necessarily correspond to the length needed for your project:

If a ribbon is too short, you can add a ribbon extension. The two ribbons are connected together using a connector, following the manufacturer’s instructions.

If a ribbon is too long, it is sometimes possible to cut it. The mention <<recoupable>> is then indicated by the manufacturer. You will have to respect the place indicated for the cut, often symbolized by the drawing of a pair of scissors.

Depending on the total length of your project, the preferred power supply voltage will vary.

Some tapes operating with a 12 volt power supply are designed for installations of less than 10m; others are designed for installations up to 20m thanks to their 24 volt power supply. Some ribbons are connectable thanks to specific fittings, interesting for reusing the fall of its cut tape on other projects.

Choose the Color of Your LED Strip

Depending on the manufacturer, the calibration in Kelvin may vary and the light emitted by the ribbons may be of a slightly different shade from one ribbon to another. To illuminate a room evenly, get LED strip lights from the same brand.

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