SolChicks: The newest crypto game

Ever heard of Solchicks? If not, prepare to get thrilled as we are about to lay down all of the details as we explore a highly sought-after and exciting play-to-earn cryptocurrency game that is available on the market as we speak. Without delay, let’s get right to it.

If you have by now, which we are sure is the case, heard of Solchicks, you will know exactly why this particular NFT game is turning heads in the gaming industry across the globe.

Reaching into the real world, this crypto game also caused a storm of positive reactions all across social media platforms, gaining incredible traction and substantial investments from many well-known and highly regarded investors in the sphere. 

When was SolChicks released? 

From the very get-go, SolChicks hit the scene as a world record-breaking PvP game. After having been so highly anticipated, the game entered the market in November of 2021. 

One piece of information, in particular, goes to say just how big of a success the game has been since its arrival. In the first week alone, more than 50,000 players completed the entire demo, and the game immediately started number one on many of the crypto game radars worldwide. 

Additionally, the floor price of the related NFT grew immensely, with several milestone booms. Therefore, this game is one that you want to keep an eye on in the crypto world.

What is the SolChicks game? 

Besides being one of the most promising and prominent play-to-earn games, SolChicks has everyone talking about it daily. So, how did this come to be in the first place? 

To understand all of the hype surrounding SolChicks, we will first take a look at what the game is all about. One of the overall leading games in this blockchain gaming community, anchored on the Solana blockchain, this game kicks it off with style – with battle chicken. 

The perfectly executed design of the battle chicken race, formally known as SolChicks, comes in a stellar combination with impressive and great-looking gameplay that’s sure to keep you entertained and interested throughout.

To understand, a SolChick is a battle chicken and the main anchor of the game. However, the home planet of said battle chicken has been attacked and taken over by the enemy called Solfox. As you would expect, the game is loaded with battles and raids. 

SolChicks NFT explained

To enhance your chances of playing and earning, there is some background knowledge you need to know. For example, there is a collection of 10,000 fully unique SolChick NFT tokens in total. Some are more appreciated than others and this has to do with the individual specifications and the rarity of a particular NFT.

There are 60 levels to go through in total, divided into Tutorial, Fledgling, Progression, and Endgame. SolChicks have what is called Primary and Secondary statistics. 

These statistics can be altered and enhanced with purchasing, changing, and/or adding certain characteristics. In this entire process, you will have to take care of (or bond) with your SolChick to play and, in return, get the experience you need. 

How to earn with SolChicks

If you have played some other top games in this sphere, you will not be surprised to find out about the existing money-making model in this game too. 

The overall earning model ranges between playing, completing missions, competing within the game with other players, as well as breeding SolChicks. It is important to state that you will take care and want to work on leveling up your SolChick. 

Then, you will be able to trade and/or sell your SolChick on a marketplace and get the proper return on investment. Realistically speaking, it all comes down to their rarity and cool characteristics. 

Where to buy SolChicks NFTs

You can buy SolChicks NFTs across several marketplaces. Choosing a marketplace will mean that you have to take a closer look as to which one suits your preferences best and which one is compatible with the game. 

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