Social Trading: Can you Do It Full time?

Social trading, or copy trading, is a type of trading where retail investors can copy the trades of well-known and experienced investors & traders. 

One of the best things about this form of trading is that you don’t need to be an expert in trading, but you must be conscious of who you are copying. You must copy only after keeping your goals, objectives, risk appetite, and keeping time frame in mind.

Social trading is a good way of trading, but the question is, can you do social trading for a living?

What is Social Trading?

We will share give you a social trading platform guide that will assist you in selecting the best social trading platform. 

Utilizing social trading, investors can see experts’ trading methods or trades and mimic them. 

It fits with the style of social media where some things are very important such as communication, exchange of ideas, suggestions, etc. 

How Does Social Trading Work?

With the rise of modern technologies, getting started as a social trader is now simple. With the help of a social trading platform, people can follow certain transactions or the total setup, and many systems offer instant market access. 

Many individuals choose to use the social trading platform since it is fully integrated and enables copy trading, which enables sharing of the full approach.

How Do I Start Social Trading?

The 1st step is to figure out the right social trading platform. Look for the investors that live in your country and start following them. 

Take weeks or months to observe and follow the investors and track their records. Try to track everything – how much return has their investment generated? How much risk are they taking? How much are they investing? And such other questions can help you to make the correct decision in selecting the right investor. 

Can You do Social Trading Full Time?

Choosing to trade as a full-time job or career can be a bold decision. 

Any type of trading involves risk; thus, social trading also has risk. 

The money that you will earn from trading will largely depend upon the capital invested by you. The more capital invested, the more money you will earn, and vice versa. However, there may be some exceptions to it, but they may be very rare. 

If you are choosing social trading full-time, you must have good capital and risk-taking capacity. 

All of these elements could affect your success in full-time trading. Additionally, your success in social trading will primarily depend on the investors or experts you choose to duplicate your trades.

Final Words

At last, we would say that social trading is very popular now. However, if we talk about the decision to start social trading full-time will depend on many factors, such as capital invested, risk-taking capacity, selecting the right investor, etc. So, whether you want to carry it full-time is solely on you. 

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.