Social Media Marketing Agency: Does It Work?

Firms using social media properly have enhanced their ROI (Return On Investment) up to 119 percent. That isn’t surprising considering that there are 3.5 billion active users each and every day.

Various studies have proven that the average individual spends an hour 50 minutes scrolling their social media feeds, keeping up with sharing and brands their own lives over the net.

This makes social media among the best ways to expand your reach and boost your brand awareness.

You could employ a social media marketing agency to do it all if you want to increase your results without the time and effort.

Like most business owners, you’ve probably heard people talking about hiring a social media external marketing professional to assist them with their campaign. When it comes to your own marketing, you might have even researched a few yourself.

In doing that research, you’ll have noticed that there isn’t much online about what digital advertising companies can actually do for you. There are things about social media such as Facebook and email marketing but other than that, you have to figure out on your own what works best for you. 

We wouldn’t advise that as this won’t generate the best results.

Guesswork can actually be good for business when creating your own social strategy. You need to test what works.

In recent studies, social media was rated as the second most difficult marketing tactic for marketers to execute in a digital marketing strategy.

This is where with a social media marketing agency, you can build relationships with your customers and strengthen their loyalty & commitment to your business without your time and effort being expended.

Social media marketing agencies can help to increase traffic to your businesses website, boost your conversions, personalise the customer experience for your business, and effectively build your brand.

This is all without your help.

In a survey of 115 marketing specialists from around the United States in B2B roles, the study found that 79% rated social media marketing as the most effective marketing channel, with 38% noting that if they had extra budget for next year, they would spend it on social media marketing.

Social media marketing agencies have the experience and skills necessary to effectively manage your online presence, get your name & brand out there, and bring highly targeted customers to your site to purchase your products and services.

How do they do this? They do it by creating a social media marketing strategy for your business.

That’s what utilizing a social media marketing agency is all about – making use of the software and tools out there to get the most customers for your money.

Even better and in most cases even more important, social media marketing agencies know how to stretch your ad budget.

If you’re new to marketing and especially social media marketing, you probably aren’t sure where to start if you’re tackling it by yourself. This means you could end up wasting hundreds of dollars and seeing no results, which highlights the importance of a social media strategy and utilizing a social media marketing agency.

It’s pretty simple, If you don’t know what a social media marketing strategy is, it’s basically a plan to reach your business social media goals.

Whether your goals are to increase brand awareness, to generate new leads or maybe even improve customer support, a strategic plan will help you get there. Utilizing a social media marketing agency just makes it easier.

With a social media marketing agency, all you have to do is set your budget, goals, and expectations, and your social media marketing agency will work hand in hand with you on getting you maximum engagement which ultimately can lead to more sales. 


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