Small Medical Business Marketing Tips

You can market your medical practice in many different ways, including through social media, using SEO, marketing companies like Numana Medical and with direct mail. If you want to market your practice effectively, here are some useful tips:

Know How to Attract Patients from Local Companies

A dominant employer is one of the best sources of business for new practices. This is especially true if you are already serving some employees from the company. Start by compiling a list of your favorite local companies with the right target demographics. If the company that you want to target is large, you should direct your general advertising to target its employees in a specific way.

Market Consistently

You will need to market consistently to the same audience if you want to gain new customers. Focus on the ‘hot buttons’ that your customers consider when choosing a doctor. For instance, if you are a dentist, the ‘hot buttons’ include the level of pain that your patients experience and the waiting time before appointments.

Your marketing copy needs to address the ‘hot button’ issues directly instead of listing them as services. In your marketing pieces, make sure that you use the words ‘you’ and ‘your’ consistently.

Set up a Reputation Management Platform

When looking for doctors, most patients trust reviews. Investing in reputation management is one of the best ways to diffuse instances that lead to negative reviews and increase 5-star reviews. Potential patients usually consult websites such as Yelp and Google when they are looking for providers.

A reputation management system will point patients to a review platform that benefits your practice the most. You also need to ask your patients to provide feedback concerning their experience at your practice. This encourages happy patients to leave positive reviews that will attract more clients in the future.

Build a Brand with a Logo

When it comes to brand recognition, having your own logo plays a big role. Patients look for doctors on sites such as ZocDoc and a unique personal logo makes you stand out to them. You can hire a logo designer for cheap if you are on a shoestring budget.

Generate Media Exposure

Media exposure can bring in new clients very quickly thus increasing the proficiency and branding of your clinic. In medical marketing, the generation of media exposure is often ignored because it requires to follow up as well as time. Moreover, you need to understand how writers, editors, and producers work.

When properly executed, the generation of media exposure can mean great results for your medical practice. However, mistakes can cause the media to ignore you forever.

Get Other Doctors to Refer You

A physician-liaison program is an underused marketing strategy. For a new medical practice, getting referrals from other physicians is one of the most essential patient generators. If you have a well-trained and well-equipped liaison, you can grow your practice significantly within a short amount of time.

Send out Newsletters  

Is it flu season or time to go back to school? You can use email marketing to advise your clientele on what to do. By doing so, you keep your patients and their families safe thus encouraging positive reviews.


The above tips will come in handy if you are looking for patients for your new practice. If you cannot do the marketing yourself, you should hire a marketing agency

Airto Zamorano is the CEO and Co-Founder of the Denver SEO Agency Numana SEO and Numana Medical. He is an experienced business leader and digital marketer with a track record of success.