Small Business Ideas For A Passionate Gamer

Gaming has never been more popular, with teenagers and adults alike spending hours a day on the latest releases, staying up until the sun rises, and then sleeping it off during the day. Often gamers find that their passion impacts their professional lives and thus struggle to make ends meet. Well, what if you could combine your love of gaming with a sustainable job? 

Here we are going to look at the best small business ideas for gamers that will let them indulge in their hobby at the same time as earning an income.


In any walk of life, it takes time to succeed and sometimes we just need a helping hand so that we can reach the top. Gaming is no different, some people are naturals whereas others struggle with the concept of new games and need guidance to fulfill their potential. If you are one of these naturals why not produce tutorials where you can teach beginners the nuances of the latest games? The rise of the internet has made online tutorials easy to set up and follow, and you already have a potential audience among your peers. You can hold group lessons or one-to-one sessions and can advertise them through your favorite game’s platform for free, so start monetizing your hobby today!


Instead of making money playing a game, why not make money from writing about games? Blogging can make big bucks in the 21st Century so choose your favorite game and start writing about it, giving hints and tips to other gamers. Why limit yourself to just one game? You could start a reviewing blog where you cover all the latest releases and gradually you will start to make a name for yourself. Companies might send you their latest games for your review prior to the general release. As a side gig, you could branch out and start reviewing gaming accessories such as the latest VR headset, or the most comfortable chair to allow you to spend even more hours in front of the screen. You’re probably thinking how can I make money from this? Well, blogging is about advertising, and the more people that read your blog the higher your advertising income will be, so start building your audience right away!

Create Your Own Game Pieces

When we talk about gaming many of us automatically think we are talking about computer games when actually there is a whole other side to the market: tabletop strategy games. This type of gaming has never been more popular as it allows the gamer and their friends to enter a fantasy world that you can actually take a part of. Not only will you be teaming up with friends to defeat those evil baddies but you can also design, make, and print your own gameplay pieces! This has become possible through the development of these 3d miniature gaming printers which allow individuals to design and create their own pieces which can then be sold on for a profit. That’s right, buy yourself a printer, get designing, sell on your wares and you have a ready-made business. You can take things further and offer finished pieces or provide paints and brushes so that your customers can do the same. What are you waiting for?!

Organize Competitions

Competitive gaming is big business whether you are playing sports games, the latest fantasy adventure or a 3D shoot ‘em up, and the common denominator they all have is that human nature makes every individual want to be the very best. So, why not tap into this market by setting up your own competition or tournament? You could host a round-robin football tournament every Sunday or an epic battle between 20 of your friends that leads to the last man standing being the winner. As your organizational skills improve you will attract more gamers to your platform and in turn, you will start to be able to offer prize money which will attract even more gamers, and before you know it you will have a sustainable business based on advertising. All you have to do is promote your tournaments and watch as the dollars start rolling in! Not bad for a business that started off as a hobby, that still allows you to participate in it!

Retail Business

Although internet businesses are in vogue, this doesn’t mean to say that setting up your own brick-and-mortar gaming store cannot be profitable. If you live in a big city or a town with a large captive audience, then having your own store can offer a lot more than just the products you sell, it can also be a meeting place for fellow gamers which over time can become a community hub. Many games are downloaded these days rather than physically bought, however, there is a huge retro games market for consoles that have long gone out of production and their associated games. There is also an enormous market for gaming accessories, from furniture and lighting gear to the latest joystick or virtual reality set. If you allow your customers to try before they buy you will find that sales will increase. Your store can also be a place for fellow gamers to meet and discuss their hobby and you could even host tournaments and competitions. In short, your retail business can be a one-stop-shop for the entire gaming community with you at the forefront.

As we have discovered there are many different ways that you can monetize your passion and turn your hobby into a profitable business. The internet can allow you to set up a business with few overheads and it also allows you to reach a huge audience. You can offer support and help to teach novices, or you can write a blog about different games and review new releases and accessories. If the bricks and mortar approach takes your fancy then why not set up your own store and you may find you become the center of the local gaming community. Whatever your ambition there is a small business ready and waiting for a passionate gamer. 


Annika Bansal

Annika "The Chick Geek" is the founder of Small Business Sense shares small business ideas, tips and resources for independent Entrepreneurs and Small Business owners.