Signs Your Washing Machine Needs Repairs

Your washing machine is one of those household appliances that you don’t realize just how much you miss it and can’t do without it until the thing breaks down and is suddenly in need of the best washing machine repairs services in Melbourne. But how would you know when it’s time to call the repair people? Leaving it until the machine just packs in and stops working probably isn’t the best idea.

Here are the common signs that your refrigerator is in need of repair services!

Sign 1: Excess Noise

As with most of your household appliances, a lot more noise than usual being generated by the machine is never a good sign. If you’ve reason to believe that you left something hard in one of your pockets while loading the machine, then perhaps that would explain the extra noise, but if not then it could be because of a loose drum or a loose motor mount.

A way to check this between loads is to try loading in fewer clothes and/or trying to distribute them more evenly into your washing machine. If the noise corrects itself, then perhaps you’d overloaded the machine before. If it continues, then there are mechanical defects happening.

Sign 2: Your Machine Isn’t Filling with Water

Have you noticed that the drum on your washing machine is no longer filling with water as it should be? There are a lot of potential reasons for that, most of which are problems that might need fixing by a technician. First, check the taps behind the machine and that they’re turned on. If the water tap is off then water isn’t being fed into the machine. If the tap is working, then the problem could be a faulty water intake valve, a clogged filter, or something else. If you’re unable to check these things yourself, then get on the phone with your local repair people.

Problems with the water not draining are also a warrant to get some professional help. Sometimes if you overload the machine, it can block the water pump and prevent it from easily removing water from the drum. This is fairly rare, however, and often there are other clogs or problems with the drain hose.

Sign 3: You Have a Leak

With just about any household appliance, leaking water is a very bad sign. On your washing machine, you might notice puddles of water emerging under the machine as it’s being used. At the first sign of such a problem, you should turn off the machine and stop using it until a professional has had a chance to take a closer look and determine why the water is leaking. Don’t forget to mop up that water ASAP, too. Leaving water on the ground is just inviting mildew and mold into your home.

Sign 4: The Electrics Aren’t Working

The worst-case in the electrical arena is that your washing machine just doesn’t even turn on when you push the buttons and twiddle the knobs. Check that it’s plugged in and also check your fuse box to make sure that no switches have been tripped. Also, is your machine plugged straight into the wall or into an extension cord? If it’s the latter, get it plugged into the wall directly. Most extension cords can’t withstand the power requirements.

After checking these things, if the machine still won’t turn on, then there are likely more complex wiring issues that you should leave to the professionals. As with your car, when it comes to anything electrical, things get complex and the stakes are higher. These are things untrained hands were never meant to fiddle with.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.