SidesMedia Review – Is It Safe and Effective?

If you use social media websites such as Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, TikTok, LinkedIn, or Spotify for your marketing efforts, you know how challenging it is to build and grow your social presence. 

There is nothing wrong with admitting that you need help with your social media growth. As a matter of fact, it is a wise decision to make. One of the ways you can build and grow your social presence across multiple social media channels is to use SidesMedia.  

Since social media plays such a dynamic role in marketing strategies, it is imperative for influencers, businesses, and brands to know which companies offer safe and effective engagement and which ones are less safe and effective.

Reading online reviews, user ratings, and testimonials is a good way to determine whether a company like this is suitable for your social media growth. The following will discuss SidesMedia to guide you to an informed decision about using it.

Let’s dig into it.

What is SidesMedia?

The first question people ask about such a company is, “What is it?” So, we will address what SidesMedia is and how it works. 

SidesMedia is already a reliable and well-known service that provides their clients with high-quality followers and likes on social media platforms such as Youtube, TikTok, SoundCloud, Twitch, Twitter, etc. 

This process would otherwise be expensive, time-consuming, and tedious to grow manually on your own. This company makes it an affordable option for almost everyone. They offer fair and reasonable pricing along with high-quality services and features. 

At one point they catered only to TikTok users, but they have expanded their services to include Pinterest, Twitch, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, SoundCloud, and Spotify. 

How does SidesMedia work?

This company delivers high-quality, real engagement and followers for organic and natural growth. You only get real followers within their network and that are risk-free to your account. 

Near the bottom of their home page, you will find a dropdown menu of their services, marked “Our Services’ in a blue box. First, you choose the service for which you need growth and then you choose your service option. 

For example, if you choose TikTok for your social media, you have options in the next dropdown menu for likes, followers, or views. If you choose LinkedIn, you have the options for connections or company followers. Each social platform they cater to has its own options for engagement. 

Is SidesMedia safe and effective?

The short answer is, “Yes,” this service works. Essentially you buy followers and they deliver them to you in a timely manner, therefore growing your account and engagement. 

A word of warning: If you plan to buy a large number of followers for TikTok, or whatever platform, be sure to feed them into your account slowly so that the algorithm will not flag your account. Social media platforms do have guidelines, so be sure to follow them and do not try to stuff your account in a hurry.

Growing your presence is more than just follower numbers. It is about likes, views, comments, and other engagement that gives you credibility. Other users will view you as less than genuine if you have tons of followers, but not as much engagement, plus social media algorithms notice that as well. 

Just remember to protect yourself, create amazing content that your followers want to see, and engage with them so that your engagement looks good along with your numbers. This is true no matter what method of growth you choose. 

The pros and cons of SidesMedia

Another thing that you should know are the pros and cons of these companies. These are the pros and cons we found when examining SidesMedia.


  • Secure Website: There website is https secure, which means they have taken that extra step to protect their clients and website visitors from information privacy concerns. They also get a better ranking on Google with this kind of security, so it is a win-win for everyone.
  • Transparent Pricing: SidesMedia is transparent and open about their packages and pricing. You will never have to guess what you are getting before you engage with this company. They are open about what they do and what they charge for it.
  • 24/7 Customer Service/Support: Customer service is often the backbone of a successful business. Without good customer service, failure is likely. The good news is that SidesMedia takes good care of their clients.
  • FAQ Page: They do have a FAQ section on their website so that you know the answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding their services. This is a good sign that should make you feel confident about what you are getting from them.
  • Phone and Email Form: In an effort to be an accountable business, this company has a phone/email form where you can reach them whenever you need to for whatever reason. Additionally, they can reach out to you when the website is being updated or if there is an issue of any kind on the site.
  • Real Reviews: While they did not previously have onsite reviews, they do have some on the site now.


  • No Free Trial: They do not offer a free trial, which is not a deal-breaker for most people. You have other options in case you are not satisfied with your service via contacting them with your complaint. 

All this information leads us to believe that this company is legitimate, safe, and effective for helping you grow your followers base, various types of engagement, and keeping your account safe. Remember that keeping your account safe is your responsibility. 

Final Thoughts

After much research and digging, we have determined that SidesMedia is an effective and safe company that delivers high-quality followers and other types of engagement to your social media accounts. 

Since they cater to several social media platforms, you can use them as a one-stop resource for all your growth and engagement needs. You can feel safe and confident in using them for any social media accounts you have and that they service. 

There is also a lot of flexibility in pricing to fit almost any budget. The decision to use them as your go-to social growth option is ultimately up to you, but we feel SidesMedia is a good resource.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.