Should you take an advanced driving course?

Driving is an essential skill for most adults, but one that comes with risks. In the UK alone, there were over 124,000 accidents in 2021. An advanced driving course could help make you a safer driver.

Learn lifesaving skills

Advanced driving courses teach skills that could one day save your life. You’ll learn how to handle skids, emergency stops, and other dangerous situations. Knowing what to do in a crisis can help avoid accidents.

Become more confident behind the wheel

Many drivers lack confidence, which can lead to hesitation and poor decision making. Advanced courses build confidence through hands-on training. You’ll learn to read the road better and understand how your vehicle handles.

Make better driving decisions

Advanced driving emphasizes anticipating hazards and planning your moves in advance. Courses teach you to minimize risks by driving strategically. You’ll learn to choose the safest speeds, lanes, and following distances.

Develop better habits

Even experienced drivers develop bad habits over time. Courses break those habits and re-educate you on proper techniques. You may be surprised at what dangerous habits you’ve fallen into without realizing it.

Lower your insurance premiums

Many insurers offer a discount on premiums for advanced driving certification. Safer driving means lower risk to insurance companies. Taking a course can quickly pay for itself through lower rates.

Refresh your knowledge

If it’s been years since your initial driver’s training, an advanced course is a great refresher. Laws and best practices evolve over time. Refreshing your knowledge ensures you’re up to date on modern defensive driving tactics.

Learn at your own pace

Advanced driving courses allow you to learn in a safe, controlled environment. You can master new skills without pressures from other drivers. Learning at your own pace increases confidence and information retention.

Enjoy better vehicle control

Advanced courses teach you the limits of your vehicle’s handling and how to control it. You’ll learn skills like threshold braking and maintaining traction. Enjoying better control makes driving less stressful.

Become an eco-driving expert

Advanced driving places emphasis on efficiency and moderation. You’ll learn eco-driving tactics to save fuel and minimize wear on your vehicle. This benefits both the environment and your wallet.

Find a reputable program

Look for advanced driving courses offered by recognized organizations like the AA, IAM Roadsmart, RoSPA or test centres in your area. Check reviews and speak to past students before enrolling. Quality instruction is critical.

Stay safe on motorways

Motorways bring unique hazards like high speeds and blind spots. Advanced motorway driving instruction teaches critical skills for safety. You’ll learn proper lane discipline, entering/exiting, hazard perception, and more.

Conclusion: Take control of your driving ability

An advanced driving program provides you with the expertise and capabilities to evolve into a skilled, defensive driver. The methodologies imparted can halt mishaps, contributing to the preservation of lives. Furthermore, you will notice an increased level of assurance whenever you are in the driver’s seat, no matter the scenario. Commit to investing in your own growth and the progression of your driving competencies through this comprehensive instruction.

Griffin Kilmeade