Selling a Home as a Real Estate Agent: How to make More Money

It can be hard for freelance real estate agents or agents that work for smaller businesses to get clients and overall make money with the decline of the market in the last couple of years. 

Luckily for those people, we are going to go over ways that small business or freelance real estate agents can make more money working to buy, sell, or make investments in properties! 

Become a Buyer’s Agent

It is easy for agents for real estate to also work as buyer’s agents. These people work directly with those who are interested in buying a home. They take buyers to the homes and write offers for the buyers. 

The amount of money a buyer’s agent makes is dependent on the number of buyers on the list. This can be a demanding job, but in the end, one has the possibility to make a lot of money. 

Sell Short Sales

A short sale is when a homeowner cannot sell their home at the amount of money they want to. Usually, the homeowner does not want to go lower than the home loan they owe to the bank. 

An agent can talk with the bank to try and lower the price of their loan in order to sell the home for less. If this is done successfully, then it is known as a short sale. A real estate agent can benefit from this because when the home does sell, they still receive money. 

It is also good for an agent to sell homes like this because homes are more likely to sell if the price is lower, so one agent can have many sales at lower prices, rather than making one or two more significant sales. At the end of the day, the agent is still making money. 

Start Listing Homes 

Real estate agents have the ability to list homes for sale also. The agents in this type of work usually work with a lot of sellers, rather than buyers. 

The agent will look at the houses and figure out a reasonable price for the sellers that make them money but also will attract buyers. They help get the house ready for potential buyers to view the home. They also make sure the house is up to date with repairs and inspections. 

The agent then gets a commission once the home sells. 

The Bottom Line

Working for a small real estate business can be difficult now that fewer people are buying and selling homes. It is essential to be versatile and has many skills for both buyers and sellers. 

This will make an agent that helps buy and sell homes more desirable because they can help in a variety of ways to make money. 


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