Sean Tissue: Determination and Innovation in Real Estate

Sean Tissue, CEO of Centureon Investments, is a case study in the transformative power an individual can have on an industry and an industry can have on an individual. His determination and courage to innovate, along with his willingness to do hard work, has brought a refreshing change to the real estate industry and to all those that Centureon Investments touches.

Tissue gained valuable lessons throughout his journey into investing and has grown into a successful entrepreneur and steward of the people with a budding real estate investment business and accolades from pleased clients from around the world.

Early Investments

Sean Tissue recognized early on that he needed to take control of his own future and take action. Even without much money to seed his own business or investments, he began taking his first steps into the world of real estate investment by applying a wholesale strategy. He offered a low-risk, high-return, and high-volume approach to those who actively invested with him.

Through the development of a slew of successful and mutually beneficial deals, Tissue was able to secure high-demand real estate contracts while building a reputation as a trustworthy fiduciary. During this time, he continued to build out his personal network and increase his capital to begin growing a portfolio of investment properties that reflected positive cash flow.

Tissue started out by purchasing his first two properties with his own money and rolling up his sleeves to renovate and market them to potential tenants. He also secured his own renters, and while always striving to know more, he acquired every bit of knowledge he could in nearly every aspect of real estate management. Despite having started his real estate career during the Great Recession and global financial crisis, Tissue was able to stay afloat even when the biggest and oldest institutions crumbled.

On one of his first partnerships, he put together a portfolio of 17 properties on behalf of another investor. Tissue was able to both revitalize the reputation of the stereotypically-depressed market and built credibility among his partnering investors. In his first year of operations in Detroit, he was responsible for the acquisition, development, and management of nearly 75 properties. That number grew to 250 by his second year and nearly 400 by year three.

Seeing potential in underserved housing markets and in revitalizing local communities through stable and viable housing, Tissue expanded his offerings to include new construction and multi-family units, while also expanding his market coverage. His company, Centureon Investments, expanded into the Midwestern and Southeastern regions of the United States, which enables Centureon to provide investors with well-rounded and diversified portfolios, as well as well-timed investments centered on each of their individual goals and timelines.

Centureon Investments

Nearly a decade ago, Centureon Investments was born out of demand for better real estate investment services. Investors were clearly in need and desired not only better acquisition opportunities, but advisors and providers they could trust, more clarity on what they were buying, more help on streamlining the process of investment, and much better asset management. After all, an investment property opportunity is really only as profitable as the post-investment execution. Centureon Investments specializes in providing extensive services to passive property investors and the company works diligently to provide extensive market analysis and projected investment returns for its investing partners.

From the lessons learned through his own investment history and the mistakes he has seen others encounter, Tissue is a big believer in educating investors, conducting extensive due diligence, and offering a new level of transparency. Because of these lessons, it’s no surprise that Centureon gives its customers a comprehensive vertically-integrated stack of services to meet their end-to-end investment needs, even if they are investing from halfway around the world.

As the CEO of Centureon Investments, Sean Tissue has developed teams dedicated to providing unparalleled customer service to its clients. Centureon is committed to providing an industry-leading level of hyper-responsive service; one which has been sorely lacking. Instead of cutting back and offering less while charging more, like most other companies have done over the past decade, Centureon has kept giving more while continuing to deliver above-average returns.

All of this has been built on Centureon’s reputation for superior property management. Centureon focuses on excellent renovations, prompt maintenance, and happy tenants. That, along with more efficient operations, leads to less stress, more reliable performance, and better overall returns for investors. This continues to help Centureon attract clients who are struggling with managing their own properties and want the results Centureon is producing.

Looking Forward

Sean TissueEven though Centureon Investments has set new standards in the industry, Tissue is never one to rest on his laurels. He appreciates the fact that there is always more that can be done and while some timeless principles should never be compromised, there is always room for improvement and evolution. It is easy to talk about working smart but there is always more to be done when creating what’s next. Developing the technology to work more efficiently and stay ahead of investor needs and even changing markets and marketplaces takes consistent, diligent work. This extends beyond the service provided to real estate investors, to their vendors, the communities they operate in, and all of those who need housing.

Centureon is a company that has transformed neighborhoods, revitalized communities, and upgraded homes and streets. It is having a direct impact on the quality of life in its markets and is helping to ensure the continued safety and availability of affordable housing.

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