Safeopt Helps a Leading Jewelry Merchant Drive $17.9M in Revenue

Learn how this campaign from SafeOpt helped generate 17.9M in revenue from lost shoppers. 

Online shopping is a convenient way to buy products without having to leave the comfort of your home. Whether or not the customer buys the product in-store or online, it usually starts with the internet. In fact, “63 percent of shopping occasions begin online” (Thinkwithgoogle). 

However, it cannot be easy to make a purchase decision when you cannot touch or feel the product. Especially when deciding on a piece of fine jewelry you may want to buy. “Projections show that e-commerce sales worldwide will grow to $6.4 trillion by 2024” (Oberlo).

“81% of shoppers research their product online before purchasing” (SalesLion). Online shopping is one of the most popular ways people find things they want and need to buy, but it can also be very time-consuming because of all the research required. People spend hours looking at different websites, comparing prices, and reading reviews before deciding what to purchase. The average person spends about 15 minutes browsing before making even a small purchase. This is because people want to ensure that they get the best deal and not miss out on any other offers. And there is no shortage of online stores. It’s that time shoppers take to think over purchases and compare prices and all of the different websites to choose from that leads to a lot of abandoned carts and lost shoppers for brands that have eCommerce websites. Online jewelry shoppers mostly rely on the product images and the best way to increase the value of jewelry is to take high-quality photography. This guide will help you make gorgeous photos of jewelry.

This article focuses on an online jewelry brand that wanted to make sure that their interested shoppers did not forget about them as they took the time to consider their purchase. 

Most consumers want an easier way to access deals without compromising their privacy and personal data. People want quick access to actual savings for the products they are actually interested in. 

We’ll explain how our SafeOpt Email retargeting campaign helps online stores like this leading online jewelry brand generate maximum revenue from their website traffic.

How SafeOpt Works

SafeOpt brings shoppers and brands together and was designed to protect shoppers’ privacy and give them control over their data. Our network of 175M+ shoppers has joined SafeOpt directly through our website,, or through our many publisher partners. We can retarget and email 5-20% of any U.S. website’s traffic with this network of shoppers. The best part is those shoppers are engaged and just waiting for email offers from SafeOpt’s brand partners. 

Here is a breakdown of how SafeOpt works: 

  1. A SafeOpt Shopper visits a partner brand’s website, browses, and leaves without making  a purchase 
  2. SafeOpt looks for the shopper in their network of 175M+ shoppers
  3. SafeOpt identifies the shopper as a network member with their unique SafeOpt ID and sends them two targeted emails with our smart algorithm over seven days. 
  4. The campaign ends when the shopper converts. 

With SafeOpt, consumers have better control over their privacy and confidentiality. Consumers also trust our network and the brands we partner with. 

Why SafeOpt Works 

SafeOpt Email campaigns work well for a few reasons, and one big one is that they typically include verified offers, and the other is our network of over 175M shoppers. 

Verified Offers 

Email marketing is a great way to reach out to your customers, keep them updated with new products, and include coupons to make these campaigns even more effective. And while you might think coupons are outdated, statistics say otherwise. People are more willing than ever to use coupons, especially when they come directly from a brand or trusted source. “Almost 90% of consumers used coupons in 2020” (Spendmenot).  Most people won’t use cutout coupons like in decades past. They will turn to the internet or email campaigns to find the best deals for industries, brands, or products they’re interested in. And while these consumers want to use coupons, they don’t want to search through expired or broken coupon codes to find just one that works. 

Our Network of Shoppers 

It is well-known that email marketing is one of the most effective ways to reach out to your target audience. However, you can’t email the customers that you cannot reach.  

Our network of over 175M+ SafeOpt shoppers allows us, on average,  to retarget and email anywhere from 5-20% of any site’s web traffic. The average website’s email sign-up rate across all industries is between 1.95% and 4.77% (Yieldify). So when a brand like this online jewelry retailer partners with SafeOpt, they are typically able to send 3-5x more emails to their lost shoppers. 

Results from SafeOpt Email Campaign

When this leading online jewelry retailer partnered with SafeOpt one year ago, they wanted to minimize their lost shoppers. In the last year, SafeOpt has been able to generate an additional $17.9M in revenue for lost shoppers for this brand. SafeOpt’s email campaign program supports businesses and consumers alike and has established trust with consumers and brands while maintaining a secure system for consumer privacy.

SafeOpt Campaign’s Email Metrics

Once we analyzed the data, we found the campaign was a huge success. The email analytics was astonishing compared to the average rates for online jewelry retailers.

681,000 emails were sent to this jewelry brand’s interested shoppers from SafeOpt. Out of almost 700,000 emails sent, 32.9% were opened. The optimal audience opened over 200,000 emails from the SafeOpt Email campaign from this online jewelry client. 

To provide perspective, here are the analytics of a regular email campaign. According to MailChimp, “the average email open rate for all industries we analyzed is 21.33%.” Almost 10% more emails were open through the SafeOpt email campaign.

As for the CTR (click-through rate), “a good click-through rate should be between 2-5%, depending on the industry you’re in” (CampaignMonitor). It’s not simply about opening emails to a large audience but the customers engaging with the email content to lead to a purchase.

The CTR for this one campaign? 10%. Not only are the emails sent to a massive audience, not only is the open rate a third, but the click-through rate of the consumer is twice the best average. 

To provide more perspective, the average shopper engagement for jewelry shoppers is a conversion rate of 24% and an open rate of 28%. You can conclude that your chances as a jewelry brand are better through a sophisticated email marketing program.

Thanks to this SafeOpt email campaign, the company accumulated $17.9 million in additional revenue. That was within their first year using SafeOpt.

SafeOpt Network Averages for Jewelry Clients

What does this tell us? If you have an online jewelry store or any eCommerce store for that matter, you could be losing potential revenue by not using SafeOpt. 

SafeOpt’s email campaigns are more effective than a standard retargeting or cart abandonment campaign. And on average SafeOpt Email campaigns have a 12.7% conversion rate across all industries.

Online shopping is going to continue to expand and grow in the future. The potential to reach new customers is endless with the internet, but new online stores pop up every day. You don’t want to lose any revenue in the process.

Not only can you, as a brand, trust SafeOpt to connect with your customers, but based on the numbers shown, any company will increase revenue by partnering with SafeOpt.

Heron Nelson

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