Restaurant Renovation Tips That’ll Make Visitors Swoon

Gone are the days of simply dining out. Instead, people want to dine in an environment that’s intimate, comfortable, vibrant, and unique – they want to have a restaurant experience.

With this new focus on the customer experience comes a new set of demands for restaurateurs. These include more sophisticated decor, well-groomed staff; improved service quality; innovative menu options; an enticing atmosphere – the list goes on.

As a restaurant owner, your ultimate goal should be to create an atmosphere where guests feel welcomed and valued while enjoying their meal with family or friends. 

To help you get there, we’ve listed a few effective tips for renovating your restaurant! Take a look.

Start With Floorplan

Start with chalking out a floor plan. Ask yourself, “how could you make it better?” Consider factors such as increased storage capacity, a more functional flow between the dining room and kitchen, ease of access to the restrooms. In short, ensure that everything is as ergonomically designed as much as possible.

Add Aesthetic Value

Incorporating a few aesthetically-pleasing elements can make a big difference to your restaurant. These might include new wallpaper, fresh paintwork, and lighting that creates the right atmosphere for guests. Other things to consider are modernizing your restaurant’s furniture and decor, re-styling the bar area, and making a more welcoming entrance.

Enhance the Kitchen

Your new kitchen must incorporate certain elements to maintain a high standard of hygiene. These include keeping ingredients at the right temperature, efficient preparation of food, effective cooking, and even food storage. There’s no point spending money on improving the aesthetics of your restaurant if you’re going to let standards slip in the kitchen.

Determine the Budget

When renovating, it’s important to consider the cost of each element in detail (i.e., flooring, paint, and furniture). One should lend time to understand how it would improve your property’s overall appeal. This will inform you about the things that fall outside of your budget and you’ll be able to identify other ways to improve your restaurant.

Other factors to keep in mind when deciding the budget include:

  • The size of the  restaurant
  • What the renovation will achieve
  • How long it’ll take to complete
  • How much workforce is required

Hire Build Out Contractors

Your restaurant’s renovation will depend on the contractors’ experience in commercial build outs. The best way to find reliable providers is by asking friends and family for recommendations.

Once you’ve secured a few quotes from reputable companies, make sure they understand the requirements of your project before signing off on anything final.

Here are some questions to ask the contractor company:

  • Have you renovated other restaurants?
  • What’s your experience in restaurant build-outs?
  • Do you have a contract for this project with a third-party company? If so, who is the company, and what does it cover?
  • How long will the build-out process take to complete?
  • What types of materials do you require?
  • How much staffing will you need to complete the project on time?

Consider Timeframe Wisely

Certain renovation methods can take longer than others. For example, suppose you’re planning to cover your restaurant in wallpaper. In that case, this may not be a good option if the build-out process will only take around two weeks. This might be because it will be hung up on walls that have just been painted.

Another thing to consider is how much work is going to be required. For example, suppose you’re planning to change your current floor plan and add a few new structures to your restaurant (e.g., a new bar area). In such a case, it may take longer than simply painting the walls and replacing the carpets.


Restaurants today have not just remained places where you have food at. They are venues that provide entertainment and community gathering spaces. 

We’re sure the tips mentioned above will help you renovate your restaurant and ensure that guests stay longer and re-visit your premises soonest!

Good luck!

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.