10 Examples of Well-Crafted Email Signatures for Businesses

One of the most overlooked places to market your company is via your email signature.

I’ll be the first to admit, I did not have anything special in my email signature – outside of the normal stuff that you see  such as:

  • Name
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Website

It wasn’t until a few weeks or so ago when I received an email message from a fellow small business owner and blogger that a light bulb went off.  His email signature was one of the first things that jumped out at me. 

It included all of the basics – yet it had one key ingredient that my email signature did not – a very clear “Call-to-Action”.

Now..before hand, I was trying to figure out how to use Canva and other graphic design tools to add some spark to my email signature.


After seeing his call to action in his email signature, I immediately started drafted up a new one using Wisestamp a very effective email signature branding tool that allowed me to add my picture, a call to action beneath all of my contact information — and links back to my Twitter and Facebook pages.

With Wisestamp my signature went from looking like this:  

Drab Email Signature
To this… in a matter of minutes…

Current WiseStamp Signature

Why I Love Using Wisestamp for Email Business Communications

  • My branded signature gets sent out with EVERY email communication that I send
  • I was able to easily add an RSS feed that links back to my blog posts
  • It is compatible with the majority of the major web based email programs such as Gmail, Yahoo Mail, and even MS Outlook.
  • There are some great email signature templates to choose from to create an email signature that in a matter of minutes.
  • It is one of the least expensive small business resources  that you can use to market and brand your business and build your online presence with ease!

10 Examples of Well-Crafted Email Signatures for Businesses

To give you guys some additional inspiration for putting together well-crafted email signatures for lead generation and small business promotion, I have rounded up a list of 10 of the best email signatures for businesses that I have seen on the web (most of them created using Wisestamp).  Here they are:


1. Limehouse Creative 

Email Marketing Signature for Businesses










2.  Hillary Arrieta

Email Marketing Signature for Businesses Example 2










3. Steve Gutzler

Email Marketing Signature for Businesses Example 3






4.  Bill Faeth – Inbound Marketing

Email Marketing Signature for Businesses Example 5









5.  Chris Rodriguez

Email Marketing Signature for Businesses Example 6







6.  Tara Jacobsen

tara-jacobsen-Email Signature Marketing 7









7.  Maikol Akintonde

Email Marketing Signature for Businesses Example8








8.  April Vermillion

Email Signature Marketing 9








9.  Rex Weston 

Email Signature Marketing 10







10.  John Smith ( Ficticious Example)

Email Signature Example 10







How to Create An Email Signature with Wisestamp

To create an email signature with Wisestamp, you can follow this step by step tutorial and guide…

  Step 1:  Head over to Wisestamp  and sign up for an account.   



Step 2:  If you are a solopreneur, click Claim Your Free Signature. If you have a small team, use the Wisestamp for Business    

Step 3:  Under Signature Details, choose a template and color palette to match your brand, then start adding your business details.   

Wisestamp Signature Creation  

Step 4:   Scroll down to add your Photo, Social Media Networks under the “Extras”.  This is one of my favorite features that I love about Wisestamp.  

Extras include, your latest Tweets, latest blog post and more.  This makes marketing and branding that much easier!

WiseStamp Extras

Step 5:  Save your email signature.    

Step 6:  Under My Signature > Assigned as Default > Click Add/Change

Add Change


Step 7:  Under Signature Settings, add the email address that you want to link to your Wisestamp Signature.  Then Save your changes.


Wisestamp Signature Settings  

I hope that these examples serve as inspiration that you can use to update your current email signature.  

I would also love for you to share this post with your friends and other fellow small business owners and entrepreneurs on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Thanks so much guys!            

EXCLUSIVE BONUS: Download My Free Email Signature Branding Checklist PDF

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Amazingly, this is the 2nd time I’ve heard of harnessing the power of the email signature as a marketing tool, in the last two days alone. I guess it’s a thing, eh?

Great post, thanks for sharing. Here is a link to the first article I read on it – apparently companies are using it as a marketing channel.



I am having a tough time using icons for Facebook, Twitter, etc… it turns to HTML when sent or replied. I am using the MAC version of Outlook.

Any thoughts or experiences with this?

Chic Geek

Hey there Jonathan,

Sorry this response is late. Please check out this article when you get a chance. I have a pc so I am not well versed in Outlook for MAC. https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/2455171


This was very informative thanks! This link is from wisestamp, check it out! http://professionals.wisestamp.com/sellers/resources/attract-more-buyers-with-your-email-signature/


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