Product Packaging Redesign: 7 Things To Remember

Product packaging is the first thing that the customer sees. Thus, it should represent your brand well. It should also be visually appealing overall and attractive.  

The packaging also protects the product from spills and damages. Product labels, special instructions, and manufacturing details are also seen in the packaging of products.  

Moreover, product packaging should also be trendy and never outdated. Thus, companies change or upgrade their packaging to stay on-trend.  

Here are seven things to remember when redesigning your package: 

  1.  Attractive to Customers 

It’s hard to differentiate products from a distance. Thus, your package should differentiate the product from the rest of the group.  

Proper packaging aims to attract customers and make them buy your product, eventually increasing sales and profit.  

There are many ways in which your package can attract more customers. You can get creative and make a unique logo for your brand. You can also print stickers and put them on your products to make a statement. You can visit to see more options.  

  1. Represent The Brand 

Product packages should represent the brand. People should be able to tell what you’re selling just by looking at the package. For example, a luxury brand should have luxurious packaging made with expensive materials.  

Thus, it would be best if you designed your packaging so that people would associate it with what you’re selling. Color association is also essential in packages. Food products tend to have more warm colors in their packaging, while toiletries have more cool colors. 

  1. Functionality 

The packaging should be functional. It should serve its purpose of keeping the product in the proper condition. It should also be practical to use and produce.  

It’s best to produce labels, containers, boxes, or bottles with accessibility in mind. They shouldn’t be made of materials that are hard to find. They shouldn’t be too complex to make because packages are mass-produced. Customers should also be able to use your product with ease. It should be user-friendly, simple, and uncomplicated so customers would buy it.  

  1. Cost 

It would help if you took note of the cost of producing the packaging of products. Always take note of the cost of printing and the cost of materials. 

Materials should not be too expensive unless you’re a high-end company. But if you’re just a small business starting up then, you may want to be more economical with your choices. It’s always good to have cost-efficient packaging. 

  1. Trendy And Updated 

Package designs shouldn’t be outdated. It should suit current market trends so it can compete with other brands.  

There will always be new design trends because new technologies are also developed. Thus, the design should be modern to suit the taste of new customers. However, you should have a timeless signature logo. It’s always best to have a plan that can be easily altered and still be recognizable at the same time.  

Outdated designs may give the impression that the product is old and low in quality. Thus, keeping up with the market trends also shows that people behind the brand value their customers.  

  1. Environment-Friendly 

Nowadays, consumers are more socially conscious of their choices. They tend to choose products that are less harmful to the environment. Thus, companies incorporate green options in their packaging.  

You can replace plastic packaging with recycled paper or cardboard. Also, use recyclable packaging if your product can’t be stored in disposable materials. Avoid using single-use plastic or too much plastic.  

  1. Be Honest 

Honesty is the best policy, especially when dealing with your customers. Thus, your packaging should not be misleading. It should have all the correct information about your product. Don’t exaggerate and over-promote your product because this could lead to a loss of customers.  

You will also have a negative brand image if you lie about your products. So, it would help if you always were true to your word in labeling and advertising your products. 

Redesigning Your Packaging 

The packaging of the brand is the first thing that customers see. Thus, redesigning your package is one way to let your customers know that you value their tastes and opinions. 

There are also many advantages of having a good packaging design. First, it attracts customers and increases sales. It also improves the overall brand image.  

Moreover, a good packaging design should also be up to date or trendy. Thus, companies may want to change them occasionally. The tips above would help you redesign your package more efficiently and visually attractive. So, you can have a new product package that would attract customers. 

June McGown