PowerPoint or Prezi: Which Program Should I Use for a Business Presentation

In business, putting together exciting presentations can be challenging. Since the 1990s, technology has evolved in a way that enables you to engage with audiences creatively. PowerPoint and Prezi are among the two widely used presentation tools. While both are very phenomenal, they are different. The question now becomes which one of the two you should use for your business presentations.

What are PowerPoint and Prezi?

Microsoft PowerPoint is a presentation software provided in the Microsoft Office Suite. For a long time, it has been the most popular and sought after in sectors such as education and business. Prezi, on the other hand, is a new, non-linear presentation tool. Its core concept in creating presentations is connecting them to help you navigate easily in a zoom style.

Differences between PowerPoint and Prezi


Templates on your presentation software are essential, especially when it’s for business. They allow you to be fast and make several presentations at a go. PowerPoint is a clear winner over Prezi as it has thousands of templates, while Prezi has a little less than a thousand.


Although privacy is a secondary feature, it is essential for business presentations that contain confidential or sensitive information. Using Prezi when you require privacy can be problematic as it automatically becomes available on their website. You can only set privacy restrictions when you pay for a monthly plan. On the other hand, PowerPoint is a winner when it comes to privacy because it doesn’t force you to share your presentation online. Additionally, you can set a password to protect your presentation when you upload it online.


Many people think that PowerPoint is free because it comes with the Microsoft Office Package. Although many computers avail a free trial, it has purchase options for yearly and “business” plan monthly subscriptions and a one-time purchase. On the other hand, Prezi has different plans for every monthly subscription, depending on the features each offers. Prezi is a winner because it also offers a free primary subscription and affordable rates for other plans.

Ability to edit online

PowerPoint and Prezi operate differently when it comes to offline access. While PowerPoint is designed to work wholly offline, Prezi works entirely online. Both offer accessibility features that pose advantages and disadvantages depending on how you’d prefer to use them. Without an internet connection, no one can access your shared business presentation. With PowerPoint, every person you share a presentation with has to have the program installed for them to view.

Collaborations and sharing

Prezi makes sharing presentations easy when all persons accessing it are online. Using Prezi is also advantageous because you can add collaborators. PowerPoint, on the other hand, sharing presentations can be done through storage devices, email, and cloud storage like Dropbox and Google Drive. However, PowerPoint doesn’t allow collaborators, so you’d have to send it to every individual if you’re working on a team project.

PowerPoint and Prezi have unique differences that can either be advantageous to you on one end and a disadvantage on the other. However, PowerPoint takes home the win regarding the templates it offers and privacy, which comes in handy in a business. A PowerPoint designer can help you navigate this software and get the most out of it with business presentations.

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