Philip Rodrigs’ Strategic COVID-19 Beneficiaries

Philip Rodrigs, a fund manager with two decades of investment experience, launched Raynar Portfolio Management during the COVID-19 pandemic. The ability to detect which stocks have potential is vital when navigating an otherwise unpredictable economy. That ability is especially crucial when setting a precedent about how to lead an investment firm that began its operations during a global pandemic. In a smart move, Rodrigs’ turned the COVID-19 challenge to his Client’s advantage,  identifying a range of investment opportunities that were likely to benefit from the unique environment that the pandemic has created.

A Skillful Adaptation to COVID-19

Although Rodrigs’ Raynar Portfolio Management opened its doors in January, just weeks before COVID-19 became a global catastrophe, he astutely timed the firm’s strategy launches to meet the moment. The Raynar Enhanced Strategy launched in February with cautious positioning put in place, and the Raynar Flagship Strategy began in June. Rodrigs evaluated which stocks could thrive despite remote work setups. This strategy did more than just help the new firm stay afloat during tough times; it allowed his organisation to thrive.

To help get his Raynar Flagship strategy up and running, Philip Rodrigs bet on coronavirus beneficiaries. The two most extensive holdings in Raynar Flagship are two U.K. “small-cap” stocks: satellite broadband provider BigBlu Broadband and video conferencing system LoopUp. Satellite broadband and video conferencing are two significant industries whose functions help remote working become viable. When the strategy finally launched, Rodrigs was pleased to see that “there were still very attractive prices on offer for those investments.” 

Why Adaptation Matters

Selecting investments keyed into the COVID-19 lifestyle demonstrates how Raynar Portfolio Management stays in touch with the global economy. Although so much uncertainty looms in our everyday lives, one factor is known almost without any shadow of a doubt; remote work is here to stay. Some large corporations, including Google, Facebook, and Twitter, announced their intentions to make working from their offices optional. Other organisations have followed their lead and insist that employees need not return to the office in 2020. Rodrigs’ leadership considers the markets and how they adjust to remote work beyond the short term. Envisioning how the landscape of work will continue to evolve sends a message about RPM’s ability to detect new profitable opportunities during periods of uncertainty. 

Both BigBlu Broadband and LoopUp account for 13.1 percent of Raynar’s Flagship portfolio. LoopUp’s business, according to Rodrigs, is similar to Zoom. It’s frequently used for remote meetings within the professional services sector and presides over a strong core client base. Rodrigs finds that LoopUp benefits from increased use during times of increased remote work. Online meeting software goes hand in hand with a robust wireless connection, and this is where BigBlu Broadband comes in. According to Rodrigs, “people in remote locations are increasing their demand for high-quality broadband and looking at satellite or fixed wireless as an option.” The decision to invest in these two organisations, whose functions serve a critical role during the global transition to remote work initiatives, provides an indication of RPM’s judicious approach to selecting investments. 

About Philip Rodrigs

Rodrigs, a graduate of Lincoln College at Oxford University, studied economics and management. His time at Oxford helped inform his goal of running a business. In 2000, Rodrigs received a small gift from his grandfather. From there, he participated in investing competitions between 2001 and 2002. His professional investment endeavors began in 2002, when he worked as a trainee fund manager at Invesco Perpetual. One year later, he joined T. Rowe Price International, where he specialized in United Kingdom and European small-cap stocks. Two years later, he joined Investec Asset management.

Earlier this year, Philip founded Raynar Portfolio Management. At RPM, he searches high and low for great investments across the United Kingdom equity market. The firm’s strategy accommodates challenging marketing conditions, such as those caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, by focusing on investments in unique firms. As a chartered financial analyst, Rodrigs holds several accolades, such as Investment Week U.K.’s Smaller Companies Fund Manager of the Year in 2010 and 2011, Morningstar’s Outstanding Rising Talent of 2012, and Financial Express U.K.’s Smaller Companies Alpha Fund Manager of the Year in 2016. His two decades of experience investing in the U.K. market demonstrates how it’s possible to turn your hobby into a career. 

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