PayDo Review 2022: Pros, Cons, and How to Open

Customers choose PayDo for its services to transact overseas online. Entrepreneurs and employees within various fields can open a European bank account online without unnecessary bureaucracy and make payments instantly. 

What is PayDo? These are high-quality services and user-friendly payment solutions. Developed with an interface easily managed where, if you get stuck or lost, there will always be a support service on the PayDo website, which will always be in touch. Using this service, you get flexibility in choosing the payment method. In order for you to immediately have the opportunity to send and receive money, you are provided with your own electronic wallet.

How Does PayDo Work for Its Clients?

This service has partnered with world-famous processors such as Visa and MasterCard. Thanks to this, each PayDo client will have their own European IBAN, with which your data or your company data is registered, and thus, now able to send and receive funds. In euros or pounds sterling, customers can use SWIFT, SEPA, or TARGET2 services.

Is PayDo Legit?

As mentioned earlier, PayDo belongs to official partners of well-known processors, but in addition, the team of PayDo has strong compliance with the security standard recognized worldwide by PCI DSS. This makes PayDo sustainable and legal for customers. This standard requires certain actions that ensure the security of user data. To ensure that the storage and transmission do not succumb to hacking and phishing scams in any case. The system is a product of the development of well-known services:

  • American Express;
  • Visa;
  • JCB;
  • MasterCard.

Thanks to this system, banking organizations, service providers, retail stores, call centers, and payment gateways can conduct any payment transactions legally. Data processing and storage are at a high level of financial security requirements adopted worldwide.

Is PayDo Safe?

PayDo services are  PCI DSS protected, which makes PayDo legit, meaning that all accounts are also protected by 3D-secure financial technology. This is an advanced anti-fraud solution so that each platform user is sure that their card details are completely protected. PayDo has its own department of risks and monitoring of financial transactions. The company employs specialists who make sure that there are no transactions with suspicious activity, as well as fix problems if and when they appear.

Pros And Cons Of Online Banking Paydo

Customers often note the positive aspects of using online banking while using PayDo services. If we go into detail, the first thing that a new user may like and inspire confidence is that the service stores all funds on segregated European accounts. Other benefits include:

  • This service has an official partnership with Mastercard and Visa processors;
  • You receive your individual European IBAN account details in euro currency. It contains your personal data or data of your business. With it, you can receive and send funds across Europe via SEPA, TARGET2, or SWIFT not only in euros but also in pounds sterling;
  • Depending on what kind of business you have, you will be offered flexible rates in the European Union and some other countries. The difference will be calculated depending on what level of risk your business has or what type of company. Each request is considered individually;
  • Your personal account will support 4 currencies: US Dollar for outgoing payments, Pounds Sterling, Euro, and Australian Dollar. And more than 200 different currencies will be available for payment purposes. At the rate of the issuing bank, the currency exchange will be calculated online;
  • All card data during storage and processing of transactions is encrypted thanks to the PCI DSS standard, which means verification by 3D-secure technology. is a security system that blocks hacker attacks during deposits and acquiring payments.

How does online banking work with PayDo? 

To understand this, it is worth looking at the benefits of using this relatively new technology, which has become more of a necessity for businesses during and after the pandemic:

  • More than 170 countries accept payments;
  • Instant payment for goods and services;
  • PayDo Wallet is accepted by over 2500 merchants online;
  • Replenishment of the PayDo balance in various ways;
  • Making international transfers SWIFT, TARGET2, or SEPA;
  • Making transfers while in Europe;
  • Virtual banking for business transactions;
  • Account management monitoring funds around the clock;
  • Withdrawals of available funds, B2B transfers, and alternative payment methods.

As you can see from PayDo reviews, to make your business flexible and comfortable for your customers, this service offers a lot of advantages. Among the shortcomings, there are only those problems that can arise unexpectedly with any payment service. But to solve these problems, PayDo specialists will always be in touch to solve them.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.