What if we paid a little attention to the trends in packaging 2020: reduce, reuse and recycle? This will be a green year with you and your customers’ help. In regards to do that, let us handle your overflow of used Gaylord boxes in Gaylord Recycling program

You’re probably already environmentally aware and in line to be more sustainable. We’re not just saying that: if you’ve reached this post it’s because you’re interested in making all your processes more ecological.

Although bad choices in terms of packaging and its management are among those that can generate the most impact, not always enough attention is paid to this aspect. Let us show you how by internalizing the so-called 3Rs of recycling, you will put a greener spin on your business in 2020. And this, without a doubt, is The Trend with a capital letter.

What are the 3 Rs of recycling?

It sounds like a mnemonic standard and in a way it is, but it is also the basis of a simple philosophy to apply when the right means are put in place. Record these 3 basic concepts in relation to each other.

#1 – Reduce

It is clear that nothing pollutes less than the resources that are not consumed.

On the one hand, we have the energy needed to generate the : light, water, fossil fuels used during transport (with their corresponding carbon footprint from the various discharges), etc.

On the other hand, we have the raw material itself. We must focus on using only the necessary one. Oversized boxes do not adequately protect objects that are too small and require fillers which, logically, are more raw material than paper or cardboard, but which in the worst cases are made from non-biodegradable plastics.

In 2020 we are going to see more and more flexible packaging, which can be folded and unfolded. It’s not a solution for all products, but if you think yours could be sent in a bag or envelope… maybe you could try it.

Reducing is not only a good idea in terms of the environment as demanded by the user: it is also a trend in terms of design to promote functionality and minimalism rather than more complex solutions of the essential or very saturated.

It is important that we do not confuse minimalism with simplism. You can customize the result by creating your own custom box and using elements that stand out, such as colors, design patterns, eye-catching typography and some surprising text as our Miin Cosmetics and Cal Fregues customers do.

#2 – Reuse

Packaging is, in itself, a resource, and must be treated as such. The trend is to opt for packaging that can extend its life to more than one use.

We can make packaging a solution for the customer rather than a hindrance, that is functional while designing packaging that inspires.

Do you want an example? Imagine wine boxes that could be used as cardboard bottle racks, reusable food containers such as pots for planting kitchen herbs, boxes of wool balls that are sewn together, toolboxes, shoe racks… the limit is imagination and intelligent design.

#3 – Recycle

When there is no longer any possibility of extending the use of packaging, it is time to recycle it; such as with a commercial plastic recycling company. It may seem obvious, but if this is not considered from the beginning when choosing alternatives such as recyclable cardboard boxes, we will simply be generating non-renewable waste.

Make sure you use sustainable materials such as paper, and avoid plastics or oil derivatives that are not biodegradable. The good news is that there are more and more attractive, practical and solvent solutions on the market that are also sustainable, such as bioplastics, which are capable of degrading themselves.

That said, paper derivatives, as long as they have the certifications that guarantee respect for the environment in the exploitation of resources, are one of the most ecological alternatives on the market today.

And to finish, remember that the last link in the chain is the consumer himself, so it will be important to do some work to publicize how and why it should be recycled. Let’s make this clear in as many media as possible to make sure we get the message across.

If in 2020 we are going to choose to follow the trend of sustainable packaging, it is necessary that it is known. Not to get the word out, but rather to let the customer know who they are putting their trust in and that we are in tune with their concerns.

Once you have received your order, it is advisable to use the appropriate environmental logos for recycling, such as the ISO seals focused on sustainability, so that you know exactly how to proceed when it comes to recycling.

We hope that 2020 will be a great year for your business and that you will continue to do your bit to protect the environment. These are trends in packaging that take us to the next level.

Angelee Editor

Highly skilled professional with experience within the healthcare industry in network management, facility contracting and quality operations