Opening an Online Store in 2019? Here are some Ways You Can Boost Sales

If you are in the process of launching an ecommerce venture this year, one of the biggest tasks in front of you will be to find ways to boost sales month after month. This will not only help you to keep the business afloat but also make it more likely that you’ll meet the goals you have set for yourself.

Online sales in general continue to be boosted by the increasing interest consumers have in buying goods on their computers, tablets or cell phones and having them shipped straight to their door. However, don’t assume that this growth means your venture will take off straight away. There’s a lot of competition in ecommerce now, and it can be challenging to get the number of leads and sales you need.

To help give you a leg up, there are some strategies you can follow. Read on for tips to use over the coming months.

Make Sure You Have a USP

For starters, stop and think: Does your online store have a good unique selling proposition (USP)? That is, does it offer some point of difference that other ecommerce shops don’t? What benefit do you provide shoppers, or what particular problem do you solve for them?

This can be related to the products or services you sell, the prices you charge, the particular consumers you target, the customer service you provide or something else, but it needs to be clear. “Being unique in some way will help your store stand out from the crowd” according to TheWordPoint. Examine your main competitors to see what they offer and how they do this to ensure your point of difference is something that really sets you apart.

Know Exactly Whom You’re Targeting

You must also be clear about your ideal customer. Know exactly whom you’re targeting, so you can be sure to offer things these people want, at the prices they’re willing to pay and in the methods they feel comfortable using. By understanding your preferred clients, you will better see where and how to market to them and find it easier to know what kinds of content to put on your ecommerce store to pique their interest and get them buying. Plus, the more knowledge you have about your main shoppers, the better you will be able to target website processes to them.

There are numerous ways to work out who to target and to research these people or organizations in detail. One tip that’s helpful is to take advantage of intent data. You might wonder, what is intent data and how can it help me? Basically, it’s online behavior-based activity across the internet that shows topics potential buyers are researching and thereby interested in. Data compiled about things like website visits, webinar attendance, product reviews, downloads of whitepapers, subscription to e-newsletters, infographic views and so on show people are interested in a particular area. Use this to find your ideal potential customers earlier on in the buying process.

Have a Well-built Website

Of course, an online store can’t be a big success without having a well-built website. This is one of the most crucial aspects of ecommerce. Your site must have excellent navigation, so people who arrive on it can find their way from page to page easily, sourcing the information or products they want and completing a transaction simply.

Ensure you have good links between pages and large “Add to Cart” and “Checkout Now” buttons, so shoppers don’t have to go searching to complete a transaction. Your site should also have good-quality graphics like photographs and videos, particularly of the wares you’re selling, not to mention plenty of information about products, shipping, returns, costs and more.

Display signs of credibility, too, such as site seals, logos for relevant business/industry clubs and associations you’re a member of and so on. Have product reviews and customer testimonials listed for shoppers to read, as this will help them trust your business and feel safe enough to hand over their personal and payment details. When it comes to payments, offer multiple options for people to choose from, including numerous credit and debit card types, PayPal, gift cards, loyalty points and the like. In this day and age, an ecommerce store needs to be mobile-friendly since so many people shop on smartphones and tablets. Plus, your site should be scalable and able to adequately handle increased traffic numbers over time as the business grows.

Ryan Kh

Ryan Kahn, known as a career coach and television personality. Ryan Kahn is founder of The Hired Group, author of Hired!